If the electric Rapide?

Gaydon ( England ), October 21, 2015

From McLaren P1 until laferrari: A few of the fastest supercars are hybrid cars. Now the producers seem to want to take advantage of the pure electric drive by itself. Aston Martin in any event now shows up with the Rapide a purely electrically powered version of the four-door sports car Rapide V12.

Developed with Williams engineers

About the technology or the performance, there is no information. However, the study was developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering in Grove ( Oxfordshire ). The engineering department of the company group behind the Formula 1 team in 2010 worked on the study Jaguar C - X75, a 780-horsepower super sports car with unconventional hybrid drive. Aston Martin wants to explore with the Chinese investor China Equity whether a production version makes sense. The car could come in about two years on the market and would be produced in Gaydon.

Electric athletes: To date almost exclusively studies

The Rapide would fit in the number of electric athletes, mainly consisting so far from studies and test vehicles. These include Mercedes SLS AMG E - Cell, Audi R8 e-tron, the studies Renault DeZir and Artega Scalo ?? who was recently seen at the IAA in Frankfurt ?? and last but not least, the Tesla Model S. ( sl )