Hyundai Kona Electric

Offenbach, 27. February 2018

Electric cars offered until Recently, ranges of 150 kilometers. For an urban second car was all right, but the all-rounder, these cars were far away. But this is changing now: The new Nissan Leaf creates nearly 380 kilometers, the Renault Zoe is 400 km and Hyundai now introduces an electric car, with up to 470 kilometers to reach: the Kona electric.

Two Versions

The newcomer will be available in two variants with different power and of different range. The weaker has a 99 Kilowatt is equal to 135 HP, the more powerful 150 Kilowatt is equal to 204 horsepower. The sports version creates the Standard sprint in 7.6 seconds, and also the civil Version is 9.3 seconds is not lame. The torque is transferred with a uniform 395 Newton-meter on the diesel engines here, the Usual. The biggest Plus is the range of the strong Version: your 64-kWh battery with Lithium-Polymer technology allows a surprisingly generous 470 kilometers (measured according to the WLTP, Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure). The weaker variant, with its 39 kWh battery to 300 miles. Charging to 80 percent takes 54 minutes – assuming you can find a 100-Kilowatt fast-charging station. A full charge on a Wallbox takes six to ten hours. The charging power of the Onboard charger is in the case of the two models 7.2 kW.

Outside, extravagant, indoor technoid

Visually, the electric model is different from the normal Kona by the closed Front, modified bumpers, and different wheels. Seven body colours are available, most with different colored roof. What is new is that the Latter is except in dark gray and Black also available in White. The inside of the Kona electro-technoid. The One-stage reduction gearbox is operated by "Shift-by-Wire" buttons. Instead of conventional instruments, there is a Display that changes depending on the selected driving program, color and information. Add to that a Head-up Display in the Form of a retractable sheet of plexiglass. With shift paddles on the steering Wheel, the driver can influence the recuperation.

Attentive Riders

Among the assistance systems, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, high-beam assistant, an emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, a speed of up to 150 actively engaging lane keeping assistant and blind spot and cross-traffic warning system. For the price, as well as at market launch, Hyundai is still covered. At The Geneva Motor Show (8. to 18. March 2018) could give more information.(sl)