Hotel California: Run of House

Hanover, June 11, 2015

It is the year 1988 in Germany, the 8th European Football Championship will take place and the hosts will be thrown in the semifinals of the camping nation's number one, the Netherlands, from the tournament. At the same time a true camping success story starts with VW. The first official VW Camper is based on the T3 on the market. The first so-called California model sold 22,000 times. The following T4 version has already attracted 39,000 buyers themselves. As the T5 California RV Volkswagen achieved a new production record of more than 50,000 vehicles. Now the T6 is in the starting blocks and so does the California variant goes to the next round. What it offers and what it costs? We have the answers.

Beach is the entry

The new California will be available in the equipment lines Beach, Coast and Ocean: The entry marked the Beach. It is a combination of up to seven-seat cars and a motor home. As standard, the entry-level version comes with a manual pop-up roof. Integrated blinds can darken the interior. To get a suite, the front seats can be rotated by 180 degrees. A removable picnic table in the sliding door and folding chairs in the tailgate are also on board.

Coast and Ocean with furniture line and fitted kitchen

Another new feature is the middle trim line Coast. In the rear compartment, a furniture line is in light wood decor. Thus, the Coast is already more an RV than a car. The kitchen includes a stainless steel sink, a 42-liter cooler with insert basket and a two-burner gas stove. Furthermore ranked the top version Ocean, in the standard equipment is further extended: An auxiliary heating, automatic air conditioning, double glazing, an electro-hydraulic elevating roof and dimmable LED lighting in the vehicle belonging to the equipment standard. In addition, the California models have optional or standard on the T6 innovations series ?? driver assistance systems on Infotainment to adaptive chassis.

Engines, transmissions and drive systems

When drives are the three versions motorhome new TDI engines 84-204 hp. The diesel - exhaust gases must be treated by means of AdBlue. They also come standard with a start-stop system. To date, the Diesel can be ordered only with five-or six-speed manual transmission. A 204 hp turbo gasoline engine, however, is already available with seven-speed DSG. Should be followed by further engine-transmission combinations until autumn 2015. Added to this, among other things, a four-wheel drive and a 150 - horsepower gasoline engine.

Official Premiere, launch and prices

Although the sales have already begun, the official premiere of the T6 California only from 29 August to 6 September 2015 to the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf. Then begin the first deliveries. Prices start at 41,430 euros for the California Beach with 84 PS entry-level diesel. For the top model California Ocean with six-speed transmission and 204 - horsepower diesels at least 68 371 euros are due. The Mercedes Marco Polo 250 BlueTEC, the 190 - hp diesel - peaks model of V class with Westfalia expansion, however, is to have from 61 118 euros . (ml)