Honda Accord: Ten for Ten

Detroit (USA), 17. July 2017

What is the name of the VW Passat to America? Answer: Honda Accord. For years, the mid-size sedan jockeying on the US-market Toyota Camry to the crown of the best-selling "classic" Notchback. While the Europe Version of the Accord was set in the year 2015 due to lack of success, Honda is now in America, the tenth Generation.

Long tail, short flap

Particularly striking is the hatchback-like shape. But one should not let this fool you: Like the Civic sedan, the Accord has a short rear decklid. Interesting certain visual Parallels to the Toyota Camry are in this range. We take a look at the dimensions of the "Midsize Sedan" Honda, as it is called, the class in the United States. The new Accord is 4.88 meters long, 1.45 meters high and 1.86 meters wide. The wheelbase of 2.83 meters to be estimated. To provide a comparison for European car lovers: A Skoda Superb is about the same size.

Should it be something smaller?

Noteworthy is the range of engines available in the Accord is, here, Honda is focusing on Downsizing. The previous 2.4-Liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine, a turbo, replacing the engine with 1.5 Liter displacement. He offers 195 HP plus 260 Newton meters of maximum torque. Coupled to the power unit transmission to a continuously variable CVT. With views of the auto-Nation USA, the decision of Honda amazed, and manual six-speed transmission to offer. Top engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder with two litre engine displacement and 255 HP, respectively, 370 Newton-meters of torque. He replaced the 3.5-Liter V6. Particularly interesting is the used ten-speed automatic.

Additional Electric Power

Third Drive of the Accord Hybrid, which is built like his brothers in Marysville (Ohio). Here, Honda is still no performance data, but it is a two-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline engine with Atkinson-cycle and a Lithium battery. Despite the additional hybrid technology, the trunk should be the same size as the conventional Accord. Standard Honda builds each model in the range, the so-called Sensing System. It includes wizards to emergency braking, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control.(rh)