Hippe chill-out lounge for urban Generation Z

Stuttgart / Tokyo, 28 October 2015

More and more design studies are more living room than cars in the familiar sense. The recipe: take a van-type body and zimmere a few deck chairs or the like into it. The manufacturer wants us to say: Cars drive autonomously soon, and we'll investigate it. The latest creation is called Vision Tokyo and is ?? you guessed it: at the Tokyo Motor Show ( 30 October to 8 November 2015) at the Mercedes stand.

Three differences for F 015

The study looks at the January 2015 presented by the US electronics show CES Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion similar. But there are differences: First, around 20 centimeters, the Tokyo version is 4.80 meters shorter. Secondly, there are innovative doors and thirdly, the interior designer of Mercedes have come another facility.

As big as a Ford S - Max

?? The dimensions of the new study it is 4.80 meters long, 2.10 meters wide and 1.60 meters high ?? match those of a mid-size Vans à la Renault Espace or Ford S-Max. The whole thing could therefore be a big brother of the B - Class, a Van offshoot of the C - Class. Passengers get on a aufgleitende up door. Mind you: it is not hinged door, but she pushes through the roof. Interior runs a bench as in the domestic kitchen along the wall. It provides up to five occupant space.

Semi-transparent side windows

In order to create them a homely atmosphere, the side windows are only partially transparent: They were screen printed in body color. This should also provide sufficient light in the interior and an unobstructed view to the outside. However, the discs at front and rear are transparent, so that the driver looks good. Because the study can not only drive autonomously, it can be controlled by hand also. Given a jump-seat of the couch is folded out forward, the steering wheel moves out from the ship's side.

A field that was once a bird

The car is of course electrically driven. The modern drive is illustrated by blue glowing surfaces and lines ?? in that color illuminate the huge 26-inch wheels, as well as the side skirts and a rear element and the " box at the front " ?? as Mercedes calls it, which is the grill in a normal car. In this field different light functions can be displayed. Runs as music in the vehicle, the display visualizes the sound. The rear window is framed by red LED blocks, providing visual depth.

Electricity by charging or from fuel cells

The electric drive takes over the Tokyo trial of F 015 Luxury in Motion: The current is based either wired from a loading station or produced on board fuel cells. Around 190 km can be driven with one battery charge, then the hydrogen from the carbon entrained - pressure cylinders is used. This results in an exuberant total range of 980 kilometers.

A companion for Generation Z

For the fuel cell system results already that the car is something for the distant future ?? estimated the 2030s - years. Then, the target group is adult, the generation Z. You belong to, who was born in 1995 to 2010. These Digital Natives a smartphone is more important than the car, or rather Mercedes says: For the car is a digital companion. To be a good fellow, the Tokyo trial learns: The car can anticipate better with each trip the wishes and preferences of its occupants. With this task, the Mercedes designers know of, because that is the main task in planning a series distant study: to anticipate our needs and preferences . ( sl )