Green light for Tesla Hunter Mission E

Stuttgart, December 7th, 2015

The first all-electric Porsche is a done deal. The Supervisory Board of the company has given its green light for the project Mission E. However, the vehicle is to come only at the end of this decade on the market ?? Thus, in four or five years.

1,000 new jobs

The new electric sports car will be built in Zuffenhausen. For create around 1,000 new jobs and 700 million euros will be invested. A new paint shop and its own assembly will be built. The existing engine plant will be expanded for the production of electric drives. In addition, the existing body systems are expanded. There are also other investments around the Weissach Development Center.

Prototype Tesla

The study mission E was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA in September 2015th The four-door is based on technically apparently Tesla Model S. With 600 hp power system it should accelerate in less than 3.5 seconds from zero to 100th The range of more than 500 km is about three times as high as in most of today's electric cars. The lithium-ion batteries in the underbody be recharged in 15 minutes again to 80 percent. The necessary charging infrastructure with 800 volts charging voltage is not yet available. Optionally, the vehicle can be " refueled " wirelessly via induction over a sunken in garage floor coil. " Even in a purely battery-powered sports car Porsche stays true to its philosophy and offers our customers the sportiest and most technologically sophisticated model in the segment, " says the new Porsche CEO Oliver Blume.

Same technique for Mission E, Q6 e-tron and Phaeton

In addition to the Mission E of the VW Group is planning two more electrified vehicles will share the technology with the production version of the mission e. Given the purely electrically driven, new generation of VW Phaeton heard. That they will be built, was recently confirmed, though the launch has been postponed ?? According to unconfirmed reports in about 2020. The Audi Q6 e-tron is purely electrically powered. Like the Mission E a study of SUVs ( called Audi e-tron quattro concept ) has already been shown at the IAA 2015th Also, it is 500 kilometer range are being targeted, the system performance of the three electric motors is 435 horsepower, however, lower than in the Mission E.

Electric offensive after the big diesel scandal

The fact that the Volkswagen Group will increase its efforts to electrically driven vehicles has already been given at the IAA 2015 known. But the electric - offensive fits well into the Group's strategy for the diesel scandal: The new e-vehicles could VW both lower fleet emissions as well as improving the image reach . ( sl )