Gesture Control, Car Play and more

Las Vegas (USA ) / Wolfsburg, January 6, 2015

Car and computer are moving closer together. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES January 6 to 9 2015) in Las Vegas VW shows, as one would expect in Wolfsburg.

The sunroof control by gesture

Inside, there is obviously the future more and more displays. The Design Study Golf R Touch illustrated in Las Vegas in any case has three of them. Replace the instruments showing Navikarten, and serve as a touch screen to replace buttons and switches. For VW's vision is the switchless cockpit. This also hand gestures to be used. In this way can be operated, for example, the sunroof. Wiping towards the windscreen, and even the roof, wiping closes off the disc, and it opens again. This is made possible by a 3D camera on the roof. The instrument display, called Active info display measures 12.3 inches and is made ​​of the new VW Passat known. In addition, the touchscreen infotainment system, which is 12.8 inches diagonal again significantly larger than the Passat. Completely new is arranged below the Control Center, a 8.0 - inch touch screen. Through so-called touch fields climate and library functions are controlled.

Front seats with bass vibrations

Under the infotainment display, there is also a so-called touch slider. About this slider can be, for example, the volume of the sound system set. The slider can even detect the number of fingers. Is there only one, the volume is adjusted with two fingers, the navigation and volume is controlled with three fingers the phone volume. Music should be experienced on board the Golf R Touch by so-called bass shaker in the front seats particularly impressive. Let sound waves are felt. However, the driving experience is optimized electronically. Thus, the engine sound when accelerating through the speakers can be enhanced. Chassis vibration enhances the sporty compact car with 292 hp ?? it is the US version, the German version is eight PS more ?? on small engines in the seats.

Siri helps finally in the car

Another exhibition focus at VW is the smartphone integration. Bluetooth handsfree and streaming music have long been standard. At VW, more recently, the Mirror Link technology is available. The contents of the phone are displayed on the large display of the car. We introduced recently revamped Polo, the appropriate systems now come to the United States. In addition, VW is now also using CarPlay (Apple) and Android car ( Google). These interfaces allow other functions. Thus it can be used in the car with CarPlay the Siri voice control, for example, to take telephone calls or receive invoke the numeric keypad for dialing. Siri also reads aloud text messages or creates. The navigation function of the iPhone is the future available via the infotainment system. Android users also benefit from many apps that can be mirrored in the car now, such as WhatsApp, Spotify and many more. Here is the Android - specific voice commands can be used.

Rear Seat Entertainment is low

Interesting for the rear passengers, Media Control. With this app infotainment functions can also be controlled via tablet from the rear. The advantage of the driver is also a sales disadvantage for VW, for an expensive "Rear Seat Entertainment " system is unnecessary in future. It connects the tablet via Wi-Fi hotspot with the built infotainment system and then can watch movies on your tablet. In addition, can be, for example, another radio station adjust or set the Navi goal ?? it may be a lot of fun not only for children but also have its uses when Angela Merkel sits in the rear. The navigation is improved. So the future Navi noted that it is on a frequently traveled route ?? For example, to work ?? and is expected congestion at even if you have the guidance is not activated. You can see the whole thing at CES in the form of study Connected golf, based on the e - golf.

inductive charging

On e - Golf and the inductive charging of the batteries is demonstrated. The e - Golf Intelligent Charge docked automatically and wirelessly to a pallet on the floor. Before the electrical energy is transmitted via an electromagnetic field in the golf, the coil in the bottom of the car approaches to. Head and tail lights indicate the charging status. Realized also in the study is the Digital Key. With this electronic car key can grant as a Friend temporary access to the car.

Parking with your smartphone as a remote control

The issue of autonomous driving is illustrated by VW at the e - golf. Unlike the long-known, hands-free parking, the system takes in " Trained Parking" the entire parking operation. The system is intended to automatically control a frequently used parking. For this purpose, the driver must go own way again. The car scans the process via camera saves it and automatically performs the parking henceforth from. In a second stage of development the parking can also be controlled via smartphone from the outside. ( sl)