Geneva Motor Show: Sports car In the 300 Club

In the 300 Club

The Geneva Motor Show is known for high-powered luxury vehicles. And the potent luxury liners like to join and fast paced athletes with lots of overtaking. So it is 2014. We provide the most important sports car novelties with at least 300 hp.

Anyone traveling to Geneva, at least a handful of anticipated premieres with lots of power on board. Since the European premiere celebrating Subaru WRX STI offers a good introduction, the rally fans have eagerly awaited new release, now Europeans can admire the version for our latitudes. In comparison to the U.S. version of the still-looking four-door hemdsärmelig falls a few more horses out and makes analogous to 221 kW/300 hp its predecessor. A potent looking vierflutige exhaust system as well as the mighty rear spoiler make it clear that the four-wheel drive is bad. The factory specifications - 5.2 seconds to 100 km / h and 255 km / h in the top - confirm this Striking air intakes in the hood must be in order for the four-cylinder two-liter turbo can breathe. Snappy Brembo calipers provide adequate delay. Inside it is the first time the way to modern with colorful color display between the speedometer scale and an integrated navigation system. Pronounced Sport seats, passengers are likely to hold even at the maximum lateral acceleration in the center panel.

In a lot of panache to the prospective of the new Audi TT can set the steps on the market stage in the summer. With up to 228 kW/310 hp penetrating then advances to the name TTS hearing sports coupe in ambitious spheres and can competitors from Zuffenhausen life with an acceleration to highway speed within 4.7 seconds and down-regulated 250 km / h make quite heavy.

© SP-X/Matthias KnödlerAudi TT in Geneva   In addition to modern drive technology and high security standards set for the first time on the Upper Bavaria infotainment an advanced generation. Goods in the predecessor yet classic round scales on the agenda, so it is now a TFT area, which provides opportunity for free configuration, the developers and the users will bring plenty of ease. By electronically influenced dampers up to the double-clutch transmission with launch control function of the TT pulls out all the stops of modern suspension and propulsion technology. Optional LED headlights full look chic raise hope for a whopping light output.

Significantly dignified, but at least exactly as fiery as in Ingolstadt sports coupe it comes to the Lexus F RC. Under the hood thumps a bursting with power five-liter V8 with 331 kW/450 hp. He gives his moment over an eight-speed automatic gearbox to the rear axle and is good for is slowed to 270 km / h A so-called torque vectoring differential helps best endeavors to optimally use the drive torque, a retractable rear spoiler looks better in the state and provides more stability at forced pace. Thanks to use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic RC F comes to acceptable 1800 kg curb weight. From the end of 2014, the race car will roll to the dealer.

Who does not even enter the showroom at 500 hp, you should look at Ferrari. There is the current development stage of the entrant California. True to the motto downsizing less displacement and more power engineers have modified the open Italians and now 3.9 liters (previously 4.3 ) V8 engine with turbocharger provided. This ties in California at the legendary F40. Complaining about the lack of performance are likely to his prospective not, the manufacturer calls a precaution equal to the sprint - value to 200 km / h and estimated it at 11.2 seconds. Until highway speed should pass only 3.6 seconds and only at 316 kilometers km / h comes equipped with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission novelty from Maranello run out of steam.

© SP-X/Matthias KnödlerDie a top speed of 325 km according to the manufacturer even in the hour .   This may be the slightly higher positioned opponent from Sant'Agata certainly not a whit worse. Thus, the new Lamborghini Huracán pressed his passengers with a martial pressure in the seats and, according to 9.9 seconds 200 km / h fast. The top speed is 325 kilometers according to the manufacturer even in the hour. The Huracan continues the ten-cylinder tradition in the group and sets an interesting spot in the otherwise marked by downsizing environment. Even when the Italians slog Displacement 5.2 liters and the CO2 emissions of 290 g / km, there are silent consensus. Instead automated manual transmission is now a more powerful dual-clutch transmission is used, which finally matches the ethos of this performance Kracher. Thanks mandatory four-wheel drive, no significant interference when driving can be expected even in adverse road conditions.

There's the new Corvette Z06 already enjoy with more caution and this is, however, only in 2015 come to the German market - but it is already now be admired in Geneva. With the output of 460 kW/625 hp at the rear axle is not to be trifled with. In the former vacuum cleaner V8 with seven liters of displacement, the fans weeping eye have to say goodbye, but instead comes from the group previously known supercharger engine used. However, 6.2 liter volume are not just a trifle, and so the direct injection Displacement lovers can still cast a spell. Strong hands-Brembo brakes in ceramic design to cope with the huge propulsion. While there are no official performance figures, but that the Z06 300 things achieved by playing, is considered safe. As power transmission comes with either an eight-speed automatic transmission or seven-speed gearbox used.

The Summit of the performance a little closer to the McLaren S. 650 comes with an output of 478 kW/650 hp and only 1.3 tonnes unladen weight hardly surprising outstanding performance: Up to 333 km / h fast should the British coupe with doubly-charged V8 (3.8 liters), the open Spider variant, it brings all the same to 329 kilometers per hour. Modern times express the McLaren engineers with an electric power steering as well as LED full headlights. Banalities such as DAB and navigation system are mentioned, finally, the leaders attach great importance to the everyday usability of their cars, so bad the outfit of the super sports may also fail. And not only the external appearance causes a stir: Within 8.4 seconds the islanders to 200 km / h reached to allow themselves to depend potent motorcycles. A seven-stage dual-clutch transmission comes in, to resolve the conflict between fast translation notes and a pleasant shift comfort. If only one downside: Under 230,000 EUR, the athlete will be hardly.