Funny name, a lot of space

Cologne, June 6, 2015

Renault and upper middle class, which has in the past only as working medium: We remember " successful models " such as Safrane, the Avantime, the Vel Satis, or currently on the Laguna. But the French do not give up and try it now in the highly competitive fields of Skoda Superb, VW Passat and Ford Mondeo with a real lucky charm. And that is quite serious, because in January 2016 to a new " coupe - sedan " called Talisman judge.

Place Hunt on the Skoda Superb

With a length of 4.85 meters and a wheelbase of 2.81 meters, the Talisman shares the platform with the new Espace and is a fairly large board. The absolute class Raumwunder Skoda Superb offers here only one or three centimeters more. The Renault-goal is therefore relatively clear: The Talisman to get the coals with plenty of space, comfort and practicality much out of the fire. The French promise peak values ​​in both rows of seats. New front seats with first inserted "Cover-carving technology" (semi-rigid seat shells are supposed to be lighter and more flexible malleable) bring in the rear three centimeters more knee room. They are also electrically adjustable, can be heated or ventilated and equipped on request with a massage function. During storage, the Renault-Limo ​​offers 608 liters the Primus Superb (625 liters) is also the end. On the Praktikabilitäts-train the Talisman jumps with many, sometimes refrigerated storage compartments.

Assistance and technology gadgetry

Factory `s an online multimedia system with integrated navigation. Depending on the equipment with horizontal format seven-inch or 8.7-inch touch screen ( in Espace is hochformatig ). Optionally you can let go of a sound system from Bose with 13 speakers on your ears and set his eyes on a head-up display in the windshield. In terms of assistance are optional spacer, dead - angle and lane - Warner on board. A emergency brake assist, a traffic sign recognition, an adaptive cruise control, or a high-beam assistant can be order. Furthermore, Renault's lucky charm assume so annoying matters like parking. On request, he makes the fact of itself.

Multi - Sense and all-wheel steering

After the premiere at the Espace Talisman is the second Renault model with " Multi - Sense system ". It has four pre-programmed settings: " Eco ", " Comfort ", " Neutral " and " Sport ". On top of the freely configurable " Perso " mode. The system controls next to the damper setting of the adaptive chassis and the characteristic of the accelerator pedal or steering. Another feature of the Talisman - control is the co-steering rear axle. It seeks to increase driving safety and improve steering precision and is unprecedented in the middle class segment.

Five turbo engines are available

The engine range includes two petrol and three turbo turbo diesel, covering a power range from 110 to 200 hp. Based diesel is a 1.5 - liter engine with 110 hp. There is also a 1.6-liter engine with 130 hp, which can optionally be connected to a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. As Topselbstzünder is a unit with 160 hp. The two petrol afford 150 or 200 hp and will be combined with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.


As Renault wants to make the prices of the new Talisman, is not yet known. However, in order to remain competitive for the Skoda Superb, the basic price should be somewhere 25000-27000 euros. A naked middle-class Czech with 1.6 - liter diesel and 120 hp is available from 26,490 euros namely. A basic Superb 1.4 - liter petrol and 135 hp will cost 24,590 euros . (ml)