Full on 2

Garching, October 14, 2015

The compact sports - war is entering a new, rather broad and extremely joyful drift round. Say hello to the BMW M2. Well, Munich long-awaited answer to the Hot - Hatch elite from Ingolstadt ( Audi RS 3 ) and Stuttgart ( Mercedes-AMG A45 ) goes thanks coupé shape and rear-wheel drive, although not entirely as classical sport compact cars, though the intended target group is not likely to very far apart, so we concentrate on the hard facts.

New torque King

Hard fact number one: The new BMW M2 receives a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder with 370 hp at 6,500 rev / min and 465 Nm of torque, which abut 1400-5560 U / min. Briefly are Overboost even 500 Nm of it. This is the small M Coupe not the highest horsepower Cracker (the RS 3 comes to 367 hp, the A 45 to 381 hp), but with the most torque. The maximum speed is the way with 7,000 tours. With the optional seven-speed dual clutch transmission it goes in spite of well-fed 1,570 kilos in 4.3 seconds to 100 km / h. RS 3 and A 45 are on par or one tenth faster. With the standard six-speed manual transmission the sprint takes 4.5 seconds. Speaking of Transmission: The choice of selfsame could playful M2 prospective prepare some sleepless nights. Because the manual box has now as the Porsche 911 on a double-declutching function when downshifting. The DKG turn provides party tricks like a "Smokey Burnout" mode or couplings which open to vehicular Stabiliserung when oversteering threatens.

With help from the M4

Regardless of the preferred type of gear change of M2 - jacking ends depending on the crosses in the options list ( M Drivers Package ) at 250 or 270 km / h. The consumption of the BMW M2 are at best, with 7.9 liters. The engine itself is loud the Munich a new development. Like the recently-set M-performance crossover X4 M40i Turbo six-cylinder in the M2 receives various components from the M3 / M4. Piston, crankshaft main bearings and spark come from the big brothers pair. Furthermore, oil supply and cooling of engine and dual clutch for use on the racetrack have been optimized. An exhaust system with electrically controlled dampers and the typical four tailpipes should eventually ensure that the BMW M2 so trötet what he looks like.

Also suspension from the M4

If you are concerned, as a compact coupe gets transferred huge amounts of power halfway accidents to the rear wheels, then now is a list that should you take your fears: The M GmbH was namely smart enough to M2 not only engine parts but also the to spendieren complete aluminum axles from the M3 / M4 models. This also explains why the compact power Klotz looks so incredibly broad. To the new axes together with its significantly larger gauges ( and of course the mighty 19-inch model ) to accommodate gracefully, the M2 had front and rear by 55 grow proud 80 millimeters in width. Memories of the blissful 1 Series M Coupe are certain highly desirable.

Big wheels, big brakes

Mentioned 19-inch wheels are the way covered with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 245/35 ZR19 and 265/35 R19. Behind it a four-piston brakes with 380 - millimeter discs at the front and a two-piston system with 370 - millimeter discs hide behind. We believe that can also generate a lot of smoke and fumes in with constant effort with the BMW M2 course. If you prefer to go straight ( or smoke and propulsion good will ) get from BMW, the known electronic and fully variable disc lock on the rear axle on the way that constantly calculates what happens to the forces between the two rear wheels that.

Full attack. And expensive.

Visually, the new BMW M2 also no prisoners. He has very large aprons with very large air intakes and the jaws described in XXL format. In figures, the body power treatment means five percent less drag and less lift 35 percent compared to the normal 2er Coupé. Inside is the strongest 2er so discreetly, as one is used for vehicles of M GmbH: There are leather sport seats, a couple of M - Logos and as a highlight decorative strips in genuine carbon fiber. From April 2016, the smallest M in the four colors " Long Beach Blue metallic ", " alpine white ", be to have " Black Sapphire " and " Mineral Gray ". Prices start at Mia - Mia - san - moderate 56.700 euros. Thus, the M2 is exactly 4,000 euros more expensive than a Audi RS 3 ( 52,700 euros ). The Mercedes-AMG A45 starts at 51,051 euros . ( sw )