Ford Focus 2018 almost done

Detroit (USA), 14. November 2017

It is the most colorful, artistically the most valuable and best look that we may yet throw the next Generation of the Ford Focus. This almost abstract disguised prototype shows very well the strong accentuated lines of a 2018er-Focus. And so serious it can no longer mean the Official with the camouflage anyway. It was only on the thick Hashtag "TimetoFocus", which was well distributed legible over the entire vehicle.

A longer wheelbase for more space

But back to the really important things. On the front we see new LED headlights and a Grill that is similar in shape to the old one, but bigger and more below is placed. At the rear of the new Focus, the clear technical and modern-looking back-fall, especially lights eye. The Focus should be in its entirety distinct Similarities to the new Fiesta, it would not surprise us really. Overall, the Focus of 2018 is expected to grow a little in the length and in the width. The wheelbase is also greater. All of this should come in front of all the inmates. Anyone who knows the current model, knows that urgently need to catch up.

Indoor high quality

Further points of criticism of the current Focus is on the interior and the dashboard. Utilization of space, material quality and in-car Infotainment expansion are definitely capable of. Accordingly, the Changes in Focus are likely to be interior. We expect to see a Cockpit in the style of the new Fiesta with free-standing Infotainment screen, and noticeably higher-quality plastics. The assistance and safety systems up to date.

Three-cylinder with cylinder deactivation

By means of more lightweight construction and the use of high-strength steels of the next Ford Focus should be stiffer and up to 50-pounds lighter. In terms of driving dynamics, the new Generation is likely to increase so again a corner. And in the case of the motors? The main drive source of the one-liter three-cylinder Ecoboost with cylinder deactivation. We expect him in three power levels with 100, 125 and 140 HP. About stronger Turbo manoeuvring four-cylinder. A the 250 to 270-horsepower Focus ST is likely to be set as a successor to the 350 HP strong four-wheel drive Focus RS. What relates to the self-detonator, is the current Focus with 1.5 and 2.0 Liter displacement and 95 to 185 horsepower on the road. With a little Tuning of performance and fuel consumption remain relatively unchanged in the next round.

Idea at the beginning of 2018

In Europe, the 2018er Ford Focus is offered as a station wagon. The tournament is growing by just under ten inches and is intended to offer significantly more trunk space than before. Transport-savvy Focus RS Fans will wait for the new model in vain for a tournament Version. However, it will give the Focus with the fine "Vignale" and the Allroad-like "Active", two new trim levels. Ford could introduce the new Focus is already beginning in 2018, possibly at the auto show NAIAS in Detroit. In the mid-to the end of 2018, he should then stand at the dealer. The prices are expected to rise slightly, especially if the cheap base-suction gasoline is eliminated. The entry is likely to be so in the case of 17,500 to 18,000 euros.(sw)