Flagship in the final

Rüsselsheim, 26 October 2016

Whether BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-class or even Opel Insignia: many models of middle and upper middle classes are renewed around these days. In the case of the next insignia wait though until the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, but already reveals some secrets of his biggest cars Opel.

Adult size

Not completely wrong, it can be said that the 2008 launched first insignia of brand helped Opel out of the crisis. More than 900,000 vehicles have been sold to date, when Buick Regal insignia in the United States and China. Overlooking the successor, Opel introduces a new name for the five-door hatchback: he becomes the Insignia Grand sport. ("Grand sport" was by the way earlier behind the GS symbol of Commodore.) The addition of "Grand" is this to be taken literally, because the car is growing in many directions: about nine centimeters at the wheelbase, 5.5 centimeters in length and one centimeter in width. He is three centimeters lower. At the same time the overhangs have been shortened significantly at both ends. We add up and come for the new Insignia Grand sport to the following values: 4.90 meters length, 1.47 meters height, 1.87-meter-wide and 2.83 m wheelbase. Due to lack of demand, the classic four-door sedan for the future shall be deleted by the way as an Opel spokesman on demand told us.

Diplomat of the 21st century?

The Opel Insignia Grand sport is based on a completely new architecture, lightweight to save up to 175 kg weight. In addition an "optimized packaging" in favor of a more spacious interior. Front of everyone here, the new insignia should be noticeably larger than its predecessor. Design the 2013 shown study Monza concept was apparently, Opel Chairman Karl-Thomas Neumann refers: "Since the efficient dynamics of a Monza concept resonates as well as our pride on the grandiose Opel classic captain, Admiral and diplomat", so Neumann. Interesting: The last Opel diplomat was almost exactly as long as the future insignia, namely 4.91 meters. (rh)