Finally departed again?

Cologne, April 8, 2015

Citroën was always strongest when was fought neatly over his creations. The love - or - hate - principle was the French in the last few years, becoming visibly flutes, with wild C4 Cactus was made recently but at least the first step out of Indifference crisis. Latest with his latest contribution to the topic " Crossover / Soft Roaders / SUV" should Citroën inflame the debate culture final. With 4.58 meters long and 2.10 meters wide, rough (a little Aufgepluster belongs to a concept car de rigueur ) bouncing off the Aircross with starting the basin of the BMW X3 and Land Rover Discovery sport. However, Citroën can probably imagine, based on its wacky crossover study a whole family, ranging from mini Countryman rival to a full-grown seven-seat SUV. In any case, it could replace both the C4 Aircross and the C-Crosser.

Klotziger stroke of genius

Let's hope that is deleted at the end as possible the wacky design of Aircross study. What Citroën describes as "strength and positive energy," not only thanks to two grills and bedroom eyes headlights rather than surprising aggressive styling genius through. Thus, the power block does not appear to be chunky, help was given, among other things with a mini-wise floating roof or silver rimmed windows (so-called "Air Signs" that make most aerodynamically sense). The pugnacious "Airbump"-Türschoner from the Cactus has, however, sent packing and city whose very SUV-like replaced by "Alloy bumps". A kind of honeycomb aluminum foam cushion is now seated at the lower ends of the Aircross and protects against all kinds of off-road hazards to which driver of such cars are never going exposed. In a possible production version is expected to see her again anyway. For the massive profiled 22-inch wheels hitting the rather not.

Silence is golden

If you liked Aircross this far already is too much something, then do not look better in the interior. This is based significantly on Cactus and has ?? well, let's say ?? tons of character. Citroën is called the "well-being for body and spirit." The four giant chair definitely look out for well-being. They are white and orange and be loud Citroën Cactus idea of ​​the sofa on. That might be the reason why at its rear lurks a confusing colorful woven fabric. For the spiritual welfare of two generously designed HD panoramic screens provide (one of which is movable), show the "bold colors" and a particularly abgespacetes gimmick that describe the French as acoustic separation. All four seats are equipped with speakers and microphones which create individual sound bubbles with all kinds of technical complexity. So everyone can decide with whom he is talking about or not. Detractors would claim never been nice holiday trip with the better half.

Plug-in hybrid with 313 hp

Speaking of Holiday Travel: Two located in the doorframe of the Citroën Aircross web cameras to take pictures of your trip and transmitted it directly to the big screens. Edit speed, hashtag on it and a shiny social media career, nothing stands in the way. Can Oh, ride the Aircross Concept of course. The power is a plug-in hybrid system PSAs known 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine with 218 hp and 275 Newton meters and an electric motor with 95 hp and 200 Newton meters. The latter sits on the rear axle and can move them alone for 50 km. The lithium-ion battery should be recharged in 3.5 hours on a conventional electrical outlet. According to Citroën, the incinerator swings on the highway alone the scepter. When you step into more pedal combines the aggregates and produce a peak output of 313 hp. Then the Aircross will accelerate in extravagant concept car style at an average fuel consumption of 1.7 liters in 4.5 seconds to 100 km / h. When Citroen launched on the market with a production version of the Aircross, is not fixed yet. Let's hope that we can not be too much time. (Sw)