Finally a G-class for the gross

Stuttgart, June 1, 2016

Again, for all that up not only the urban promenade and shut down, with the Mercedes G-class, there is a variant for hard off-road use and professional users. With a base price of 79.968 Euro 350 d professional significantly below the normal G fits the G 350 d (from 90.636 euro).

Not fast, but topography

Started as a robust SUV, the G-class has evolved in 1979 greatly since her debut in direction of luxury (and also some showing off). With the G, Mercedes 350 d professional now has a proper SUV without frills in the portfolio. Like any G-class, also the professional model has a rugged ladder frame chassis, a permanent all-wheel drive with off-road gear, as well as three electrically switchable, 100% differential lock. The drive provides the well-known V6 diesel with 245 HP, combined with the seven-speed automatic transmission 7 g-tronic plus. Tempo 100-Sprint (8.8 seconds) and standard consumption (9.9 litres) the professional model scores not better and not worse normal G 350 d the. However, the tip already at 160 instead of only 192 km/h is reached. But the professional has a cm ground clearance (245 mm) and larger angle of repose (36 degrees forward and 39 degrees held back twice 30 degrees).

No chrome tinsel, no central display

Visually the car differs from the standard model by the absence of any tinsel: instead of chrome slats, the professional car has a matte black grille and black alloy wheels painted in a small 16-inch format instead of the standard 18-incher. 265/70 R 16 all terrain tires in the format provide traction. Inside the missing Central display is striking. Otherwise the driver must not left to languish but: A multifunction steering wheel is also series such as the electrically adjustable steering column and front seats with partial electric adjustment. The floor is covered and equipped with the drain instead of carpet with a washable anti-slip tape so you can easily spray dirt.

Floorboards, headlight grille, and more

As an extra, there is a front bumper made of steel with the provision for a winch. A rockfall protective grille for the Xenon headlights, on request also for the indicator includes the optional professional off-road package. In addition the trunk in wood finish, the provision for a hands-free system, tinted glass and a roof rack with ladder. The steps left side and right allow a convenient tie by objects on the roof. The charging protection package include a load safety nets, cargo area cover and a rigidly-mounted trailer hitch.

Blue as Otto

For the G 350 d Professional are including special coatings such as "Desert sand" or "China Blue" two uni paint and 11 metallic colours available. The blue paint to remember Otto, the G-class by Gunther Hanssen. The world traveller pensioners thereby laid back nearly 900,000 kilometres from 1988 until 2014 and visited no less than 215 countries of Afghanistan to Vanuatu. Who feels inspired now and would like to break even, can order the professional class G now and get them from September 2016.

Technology Update for the regular G class

Even at the normal G-class there is what to celebrate, namely improvements in the technology tools. An 8 - instead of a seven-inch display is the comand online system now, there is also an emergency call system for 20 European countries as well as United States, Canada and China, real time traffic information, a Smartphone integration and much more. Here too the launch starts in September 2016.(sl)