Mercedes-Benz 350

The name Mercedes-Benz 350 is valid for different vehicles Untert├╝rkheimer basically called Constructors and the motorization of the respective Mercedes-Benz 350 cars. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz 350 C-Class comes in with a comprehensive just under 3.0 liter gasoline engine is used, which makes 213 hp and impressive electronic reaches 250 km / h. Also in the CLC class (sports coupe), the CLS-Class (saloon), CLC class and GL-class SUVs is the Mercedes-Benz 350 used gasoline and promises sporty performance. Published since 2009 also in the new E-Class manufacturer of the unit is used and can be combined with a permanent all-wheel drive. The bursting with power engine, since the 70s, comes when Mercedes - Benz 350 in the different brand vehicles to use - so also the former SL Series has been sold very successfully as a Mercedes-Benz 350 SL, the car in today time looking for vintage cars that are traded at highest prices. Likewise, set the current S-Class on the large-displacement engine - as the Mercedes-Benz 350 S opens the door for a base model car class.