'Files to be in coming years, significantly longer'

In a report by the Institute for Mobility (KiM) that minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure, public Works and water management) to the Second Chamber has sent, state that drivers over the next five years, significantly longer in the file.

According to the study, the loss of travel time for motorists between now and 2023, with more than a third increase, although the capacity of the road network larger. Reason for the ever increasing demand is the continuing economic growth.

"The figures of the KiM underline that we fully need to the growth of the traffic, to catch, Van Nieuwenhuizen know in a comment. Several major expansion projects are expected to provide relief, but it is only after 2023 will be ready.

For expansion of the road network is in total 20 billion euro has been reserved. Between now and 2030, more than 1,000 kilometres of additional lanes. For measures in the short-term files, for example, a faster storage after accidents, is 100 million euro is available.

The growing traffic made the past years for a growing CO2-emissions. Secretary of state Stientje van Veldhoven is confident, however, that that trend will be reversed. The government aims that by 2030 each newly sold car is emission-free.