Ferrari celebrates 30 years of the F40

Maranello (Italy), 1. August 2017

You want to feel really old? All clear: The Ferrari F40 this year will be 30 years old. To pay homage to time, the wedge-shaped sports car legend from Maranello in the 1980s and 1990s rooms as a Poster in more children than any other car.

Anniversary model with the latest technology

The official presentation of the Ferrari F40 took place on 21. July 1987, at the Civic Centre in Maranello. And the sports car was not only a display of the latest technologies, he was also a return to the roots of the manufacturer, the developed have always been road cars with a racing car character. In addition, the F40 was as an anniversary model to the 40-year-old company are intended to be Ferraris (hence the Name) and he is at the same time the last model, which was created under the guidance of Enzo Ferrari himself.

Huge Surprise

Ermanno Bonfiglioli was then the chief for special projects at Ferrari, and is responsible for turbo engines. "I've never seen a presentation like that of the F40. As the car was unveiled, there was a roar through the room followed by huge applause," says Bonfiglioli. "The company developed and tested the vehicle in secret. And because of the design step was so great, was the surprise effect of a real shock for many."

Pininfarina and plastic

But to the car itself: The F40 is based on the GTO Evoluzione, the racing chassis of the 288 GTO. For the Design with the characteristic tail, draw the wing, the pop-up headlights and the wedge-like Form signed by Pininfarina responsible. What makes this Ferrari-car body also? Many components are made from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic.

Very strong and very light

Under the hood is a V8 aluminum engine with turbocharging, four valves per cylinder, 2.9-litre displacement and maximum Output of 478 HP and 576 Newton meters sits Drehmomet. Was connected to the unit with a five-speed manual transmission, which transfers power to the rear wheels. Thanks to the low kerb weight of only 1.254 kilograms Ferrari was able to achieve a power-to-weight of 2.62 kg/HP. According to the data sheet of the F40 therefore accelerates in 4.1 seconds to 100 kph, the 200-km/h mark is cracked to twelve seconds. The maximum speed is the manufacturer with 324 km/h.

From 450 1.315 is

From 1987 to 1992, the F40 was built. Interesting fact: Originally, only 450 copies. Due to the high demand, but a total of 1.315 units were produced. The majority of the specimens were Red delivered, less than ten vehicles in Yellow, two in Black and only a F40 was painted in White. The white model went by the way of the Sultan of Brunei.

Compare Prices: Good Return

By the way: If you want to pick up today, a F40, you have to bring a little more money than the market. 1987 Ferrari demanded 444.000 DM for a F40 ... selling him to long-term customers or celebrities. Today, nearly a Million Euro are currently the best F40 in the network due. We don't want to deal with but longer with huge sums, but remain simply with a congratulations on the 30. Birthday, dear Ferrari F40.(ml)