Factory tuning for the Focus RS, Mustang and co.

Cologne, 21. December 2017

BMW makes it since a while, now Ford is jumping on the factory tuning. What is in the US for years, and Would, bring the blue Oval finally to Germany. Under the Label of "Ford Performance Parts", there are now plenty of things that will make your Mustang, your ST or RS model, more beautiful, deeper, louder, faster or weirder.

What a girl needs

This stainless steel coilovers (up to 30 mm lowering), up to 15 percent lighter wheels, stainless steel exhaust systems, performance improvement, travel reductions, and any amount increases the optical highlights are provided for In - and exterior.

Driftig and strong

Highlights of the Ford Performance programme of the drift stick for the Focus RS, as well as the supercharger Kit for the Mustang GT with 5.0-Liter V8 are sure. As with a standard drift fashion blessed Focus RS would be even more mind-boggling enough, gives Ford, he is now a hydraulic hand brake acting on the rear wheels, and easily the most absurd drift angle triggers. So you can feel like Youtube-Sideways-God Ken Block. Ford says the Drift Stick would only be for closed routes is permissible, but it is in drift mode. That is to say We can smell the Anger from here. Also "Race-Track-Only" is the theme of the performance improvements for the Mustang GT. A total of four pieces will be offered. Of greatest interest is the Roush is likely to be a Supercharger, which will give the Stang to more than 600 HP. But also the rest of the Power Packs, among other things, with Parts from the Mustang GT350, and a speed increase to 7,500 rpm, sound tempting.

It follows more

According to Ford, all Performance-tested Parts on the Nordschleife. In addition, the offer will be extended constantly. The parts you get at all Ford dealerships or online at fordperformanceparts.de(sw)