Factory after 50 years

Schwalbach, August 13, 2014

Would you like to feel once in a lifetime as a daredevil racer of the Sixties and follow in the footsteps of Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill? Then you should consider a statement of account and contact after passing the examination liquidity to the Jaguar dealer of their choice in connection. In addition, you still need a good dose of luck, because it is about a race car, although it brand new, but strictly speaking, is already over 50 years old plus strictly limited.

Series vehicle and strictly limited GT version

Even a series - E-Type Jaguar is now a classic and sought ever achieved prices in excess of 100,000 euros. From this model, approximately 72,500 units were built from 1961 to 1975. This may not be comparable to the VW Beetle numbers, but still a considerable amount. This "pushes" the collector price. The situation is different with the 1963 planned and built in the Jaguar Motorsport 's Special GT from E-Type. 18 This Lightweight ( Leichtgewichts-) E-Type were estimated, but only twelve realized. And the prices? With millions of euros one would expect today, because if one of the remaining eleven vehicles were offered for sale ?? but that will not happen. For this reason ( and of course, to complete the series begun by 18 vehicles ) builds Jaguar Heritage, a division of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, six other vehicles. You should receive the consecutive numbers 13 to 18 and created after the original plans from 1963.

"Car Zero " in Pebble Beach

The first, unsaleable prototype named "Car Zero ". He is on 14 August 2014, the opening of the automotive event in Pebble Beach, California, unveiled and will give a first impression of how the six original salable Replica racer look. When the six chosen by Jaguar customers be very happy, is still a mystery. The situation is different with the technical details, these have been known for over 50 years and get almost unchanged, even in the "new " Lightweight E-Type their appearance.

Aluminum chassis

" Lightweight" is the program: The core component of racing E-Type is its aluminum body. The light metal provides for a weight reduction of 114 kg compared to the standard model. That's not all: Almost all of the 230 body panels of the retro cars are made of aluminum. Doors, trunk lid, hard top and bonnet are made ​​of the material. But why stop at the chassis?

Aluminium engine

The cat with the Aluhaut also gets ?? a heart made ​​of aluminum an advanced version of the straight-six XK engine, which helped already in the 1950s the Jaguar C and D-Types to five Le Mans victories. The 3.9-liter engine is powered by three Weber carbs or optional with a mechanical Lucas direct injection gasoline and air. A single-plate dry clutch and the flanged, fully synchronized four-speed gearbox so get 340 hp and 380 Nm of torque to the rear axle.

Not necessarily spartan

The car is tuned for racing, the latest one realizes when looking into the interior. The equipment is kept to a minimum. But a roll cage is standard and the aluminum bucket seats are at least lined with leather. You want more comfort? No problem! For this, you can even sit down with Jaguar design chief Ian Callum personally and design a customized plan facilities. Options include door shelves, a headliner for the hardtop, removable and custom leather floor mats or a cover for the transmission tunnel.

Reference or not

Who still has abdominal pain and the back of the head with " all this is not true to the original and authentic enough " hammers on the conscience, let me tell you: Even the strict rules of the FIA recognize the Lightweight E-Type as a classic racing car on. So it can be homologated for historic motorsport, whether from 1963 or 2014th (ml)