Exciting Tuning

Leipzig, June 2, 2014

The fact that electric cars within the meaning of the word can be exciting sports cars, Tesla had already proved with his Roadster. Now Nissan shows the example of his e-scooter called Leaf that can tune the power cars even. The Leipzig auto show AMI ( 31 May to 8 June 2014) is Nissan Nismo before a package for the current car. " Nismo " stands for " Nissan Motorsports International". From this department are not only the competition vehicles but also tuned production cars such as 370Z Nismo Juke and.

Blue-painted brake calipers

The Leaf's booth wearing fashionable matte gray. The all new parts of the aerodynamic kit make the right soberly styled series Leaf sporty eye-catcher advance. Front and rear there are spoilers, the aprons were changed, broadened the sills and rear diffuser is a used. Trim and mirror shells in blue metallic contrasting with the gray base coat. Black 18-incher connect the electrician with the earth's surface, behind the spokes of the wheels also shimmering blue painted brake calipers through.

Modified control unit

But the electricity was not only optical refinements, even at the technology was screwed. The wider track on the rear axle, a sports suspension and lowered by 30 millimeters body should also improve the driving dynamics. Through modifications to the engine control unit, the accelerator pedal to react more spontaneously to the driver's commands. And because right from the first turn more torque is retrieved, the tuned Leaf now sprints in around 10.5 seconds to 100? that is one second better than the standard model.

Reactions of the visitors decide

In some countries, there's the Nismo package for the Leaf has to buy. Whether future also belongs to Germany, also depends on the reactions of the Leipziger Messe audience. If there is demand, there will be the kit later this year.

New Nismo Accessories

To buy soon there are new Nismo accessories for Juke, Juke Nismo 370Z Nismo and. As of July 2014 special carbon parts such as front and rear spoilers, mirror caps, B-pillar bars and fuel cap covers are offered at all Nissan dealers. Preparations are also underway include performance tuning kits for engines, transmissions and chassis that will have to be had from the end of 2014 . (HD)