Even there anything goes

Hethel (England), 24 November 2016

Over the past few years, Lotus has created a new art form. Instead of throwing new models on the market (this includes the money missing probably), take the superlight, super fast, super extreme cars that you already have, and makes it easy even easier, faster and more extreme. Various exige and Elise-Cup models, the ELISE sport 250, the Evora sports 410 Lotus seems to have found his niche. Even fewer frills, unadulterated fun. The latest family addition, developed this recipe, answers to the name exige sport 380.

1,100 kilos

The new 380er is a further development of the exige sport 350 and somehow the clever people in Norfolk have managed to scrape another 25 kg mass of a car that has virtually no mass. The exige beats sport 380 now ready to drive at 1,100 kilos. By comparison, the Porsche Cayman GT4 weighs almost 200 kilos more. The trail leads to the dream weight at the new exige about a pile of carbon and lightweight battery, brake and wheels. Front splitter, front covers, rear wing and diffuser save 2.7 kilos, new carbon fiber racing seats bring more six kilos. Polycarbonate glass, a lithium-ion battery, new forged wheels and grooved, two-piece brake discs save again about 22 kilos. Considering the few additional parts, tank enlarged to 48 liters, as well as the wider Michelin pilot-sport-Cup-2-tyres, the specified 25 kilogram weight advantage ultimately stay over. Who wants it more easily: an optional titanium exhaust forcing more ten kilo Hüftgold in the knee.

Fastest exige of ever

What fits quite suited to less weight? Right, more power. Therefore, Lotus has the 3.5 litre supercharged V6 (Yes, still the good old Toyota Motor with the glorious response) taken again to his chest. A modified pulley makes for more boost pressure of the compressor. To an optimized fuel pump, improved exhaust system from the Evora 400 and Evora arrive sporting 410 and a little fumbling the motor control. 380 HP and 410 NM, 30 HP and 10 Newton metres more than at present are the result. This makes for a 0-100 km/h – time of 3.7 seconds and no matter whether one has ordered the six-speed manual transmission with an open gate or the six-speed automatic. Both have been optimized on faster gear changes and, by the way. The top speed increases with the manual switch to 286 km/h, with automatic 274 things in it. The sport 380 is the fastest exige of ever either way.

89.900 euro

And despite all the new flics and spoilers and wings which increase downforce at high speed to 140 kilos. These are 60 percent more than the exige 350. If you feel like on a real, rustic, greedy track tool, this new Lotus is probably a good choice. First and foremost, because the views on the domestic market is currently about as much fun as athlete's foot: Porsche Cayman GT4? No longer do you get! Porsche GT3 RS? Sold out! BMW M4 GTS? You guessed it. The Lotus exige sport 380 is not sold out. Him, you can now order for at least €89.900. That's a whole chunk of money. 15,900 euros more money than for an exige sport 350 are due. However, Lotus sport 380 calls his exige also quite immodest "the super sports car". For this, nearly 90,000 euros Yes smooth are a bargain. (black & white)