European premiere for the IDS concept

Geneva, 7 March 2016

Nissan with three vehicles that illustrate advanced technologies as well as potential new Extras is represented at the Geneva car show (3 to 13 March 2016). The concept car IDS is to watch for the first time on European soil.

IDS concept with European Premiere

Nissan would like to score in the coming years with the "intelligent mobility concept", which is based on three pillars: "Nissan intelligent driving" with autonomous driving systems, "Nissan intelligent power" with powerful electric cars and "Nissan intelligent integration" with new connections between car and company. The IDS show in Tokyo was already presented at the motor by 2015 and is represented in Geneva for the first time in Europe at a trade fair concept. The vehicle should apply the autonomous driving systems of Nissan, which by 2020 will come on the streets. The IDS is powered by an electric drive concept with 60-kWh battery and a range of 550 km.

Special models of Qashqai and X-trail

In addition to the IDS concept Geneva a Qashqai also appears in, which is equipped with the semi autonomous driving system "Single Lane Control". So the Qashqai in the traffic jam or halting traffic can supposed to independently track as well as the distance to the vehicle in front. This system should already 2017 come on the market. To see also in Geneva: Qashqai and X-trail as a "Premium concept" study with special start-up and design features at exterior and Interior. So, both vehicles with carbon, gold foil or quilted leather be upgraded. Nissan wants to allow a glimpse of future Special models. (mf)