DTM driver soon unemployed?

Ingolstadt, July 14, 2015

After a tiring client meeting or a long hike so many have already wished for a red home button in the car: a button that you need only to press, and the car travels a self-employed to the front door, while you can doze off himself. Still, there is not, but the German manufacturers in researching like crazy in this area.

At racing speed for series production

While Mercedes can point to an autonomously moving truck and a sedan vanartige study called F 015 and Volvo has already run a large-scale test in Sweden, Audi has officially not a single autonomous driving car. Because Audi calls such vehicles " piloted ", just like a four-wheel drive, of course, a quattro. The piloted horse in the stable is a modified production car, namely a sporty: the RS 7. Now the technique approaches were, at race pace of series production. On the Californian Sonoma Raceway autonomous RS has 7 surpassed its previous performance again. The car is apparently now so fast that one has to wonder whether the DTM driver must make driverless future competition.

Lap times, better than that of good drivers

" In Sonoma we brought the Audi RS 7 piloted Driving Concept lap after lap to the physical limit, and this in constant precision ," says Thomas Müller, responsible at Audi for the development of braking, steering and driver assistance systems. " The car reached lap times that were better than those of sport riders. " The RS 7 required for the 4,050-meter course only 2: 01.01 minutes, which corresponds to an average speed of about 120 km / h. By comparison, the current lap record was run with an average speed of 178 km / h but with a purebred race car, the Audi R8 LMP.

Bobby in Hockenheim, Robby in Sonoma

For some time, Audi is testing autonomous driving under increasingly demanding conditions. October 2014 completed a RS 7 nicknamed Bobby already a driverless round at the Hockenheimring with up to 240 km / h. The new generation of cars named Robby, like the production car with 560 hp is on its way and was compared to its predecessor by around 400 kilos lighter.

Jack is already on the German Autobahn

Relevant to daily life and probably also technically demanding is autonomous driving in real traffic. Early 2015 drove " Jack ", an Audi A7 piloted Driving Concept, from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ). Shortly thereafter, the same car already took German highways under the wheels, with up to 130 km / h. And at CES Asia in May 2015, Jack was tormented even by the traffic chaos of the megacity Shanghai. The tests bring insights for series systems ?? of the sensor technology of the data processing to vehicle control and stabilization.

If the driver is too much or too

The piloted driving Audi recommends especially for situations where the driver is too much or too. The predictive technology enables an even more efficient driving, reduces stress and increases comfort. In the next generation of the A8, which will be presented end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. comes on the market, the system goes into production, so Audi. However, the car is not autonomous driving through the city, but only take over the parking and self-employed in stop-and-go traffic on motorways to 60 km / h on the road be ?? and there is the competition already. Who has been looking forward to a home button, so you have to wait a bit longer . ( sl )