Drummed 300hp

Brühl, May 19, 2015

For over ten years Krumm tunes already Mini models. Now it has launched new series of the 2014 F56 adopted and introduces a tuned MINI John Cooper Works. For 4,999 euros the runabout from standard 231 is brought to 300 hp, the torque increases from 320 to 400 Newton meters. The kit includes, among other things, a special turbo with intercooler, exhaust system parts of Akrapovič, an air filter with an improved air passage and software optimization.

Linear response on throttle

The last point do the technicians on the onboard diagnostic port ( OBD ). In this way, the gas pedal control map is changed: While the production car by 30 per cent of pedal travel retrieves already 60 percent of the maximum power, the throttle response after treatment is linear. In addition, the cooling water temperature is lowered, resulting in a relief of the motor. Also, the oil temperature is reduced by this engagement. When programming Krumm puts more emphasis on driveability, durability and optimum performance over the entire speed range as the maximum output.

Limited-slip differential, special brakes and more

The transmission is equipped for 2,150 euros plus installation with a limited slip differential. The Sachs Racing Clutch costs 1,620 euros plus installation. For a special brake system 3,300 euros plus installation costs are due, for the modified chassis with " Nordschleife Setup " 2,550 Euro including installation. On the rims in 8x17 inch tires in size 215/45 R17 are reared. Further still being added another front lip, a rear diffuser ( 600 euros ) and a foliation. Inside are Recaro seats, a switching system of CAE, a sport steering wheel, six-point harnesses and a roll bar installed. A total Krumm are not. But already from the prices shows that the factory 29,900-euro Mini JCW is again at least 15,000 euros more expensive by the reconstruction . ( sl )