Driving Report Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV More electric than hybrid

More electric than hybrid

To Mitsubishi it has become quiet in the past few years in Germany. Now the Japanese are back with a quiet bang. The plug-in version of the Outlander will be more electric car as a hybrid.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a thoroughly decent SUV. Maybe a little pale in comparison to the increasingly trimmed for sportiness competition, but spacious, reasonably priced and comfortable. In the new plug-in hybrid variant of the Japanese Allrader but now duped its competitors: only 1.9 liters consumed the Outlander PHEV according to the standard 100 kilometers, well half the distance he can on electric power. And with a price of 41,990 euros with good facilities (including xenon headlights and dual-zone air conditioning ) it remains affordable.

Three engines put the Mitsubishi in motion, two of them electrically. The 60 kW/82 hp each units sit on the front or rear axle and thus form - as a desired side effect - a four-wheel drive. In addition, there is a 2.0 - liter gasoline engine with 89 kW/121 hp, which sits in a classic front under the hood. It functions primarily as a generator in order to fill the assembled battery under the passenger cabin again while driving. Only at higher speeds ( above 120 km / h) and full-throttle sprints he supports the electric motors. Mitsubishi thus mixes elements of e-mobile, range-extender hybrid and classic with its proprietary technology.

© MitsubishiUnd with a price of 41,990 euros with good facilities (including xenon headlights and dual-zone air conditioning ) it remains affordable.   What sounds complicated, arises in practice as pleasantly simple represents the control logic of the three motors is programmed to be as often as possible driven purely electrically. Only the Critical Battery or high power requirement automatically turns the gasoline engine to - and almost imperceptibly. Only those who retrieves the full acceleration in city traffic, it gets ever heard. On the highway, his small voice goes behind wind and tire noise under completely.

The driver can only limited influence on the division of labor: a touch can be about power save for later use, for example, if the destination is in a navigable only for e-Mobile Zone. In addition, you can force the gasoline engine to permanently go to generator operation until it has the batteries fully charged. That should be the everyday lives of German driver hardly worthwhile, but in Japan, the Outlander is to be used as a power generator for households that are separated about as a result of an earthquake from the mains. Theoretically it could be used from our own production even as a mobile storage for currently unused green electricity. Technically, would that with a few additional programming already possible today. Mitsubishi holds at least one such use in the future likely.

First, the Outlander PHEV remains but a car. And a quite economical. The promised 1.9 liters it is not reached on the tests, but between three and four liters are for a four-wheel drive car of this size a top value. Around 50 percent of the trip was the SUV while pure electric road, the rest of the time needed to assist the gasoline engine. This works of course only with fully charged batteries, well kept 40 kilometers of the power supply, then the gasoline engine had to act and be approved around 6.5 liters. Fuel costs and emissions can be so only save if you as often as possible connects the car to the power outlet. At the Schuko connections in a household charging process should last five hours of standard charging stations three hours and at special quick charging stations an 80 percent charge is reached in 30 minutes. The Japanese use while the spread on the home market and in France CHAdeMO plug. Because the German manufacturer to use a different system, the number of suitable columns in this country is negligible.

As indicated, the operation of the system does not require much attention, ultimately makes the car all alone. This is pleasant, but the on-board instruments could inform the driver sometimes a little better. Although the display in the center console does not hold back information, but prepares them in numerous confusing submenus so technically-of-factly that one would like to think as a driver almost a computer science degree. If you like tables and statistics, but is expected to be enthusiastic, but he finds abound consumption, savings, and recuperation charts and timelines.

© Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV   Speaking of Recuperation: About gearshift paddles on the steering wheel - as they are used in other cars for the gear change - can the strength of the braking force recovery set. If you want, then just have to take the foot off the accelerator and has the effect, as if he had stepped on the brake. Alternatively, the system can be set so that it is hardly noticeable. This is not pure gimmick, but replaced the engine brake a gear - important as when driving downhill with a trailer, because the Outlander can at least take 1,500 pounds of the hook. A classic gear has the Mitsubishi way, not the gasoline engine transmits its power in a single translation, which corresponds approximately to the fifth gear. The electric motors cover the other areas, such as the starting and accelerating, from.

As spectacular as the drive system is so spectacular is the rest of the vehicle. The Outlander is a rather pleasant fellow. Unlike other electric cars, he is not a traffic light sprinter, but is slightly sluggish in movement. During acceleration in the medium speed range and at the maximum speed (170 km / h) it lags behind many conventional hybrid cars. Nevertheless, the system performance of 149 kW/203 hp for every driving situation goes back more than. And a aufbrausenderes temperament would have as little fitted to saving efforts such comfortably designed driving behavior.

Bottom line, the big Mitsubishi is a really round offering a pleasant, low-key and economical car. Whether he will use something in the German clientele, is uncertain. But at the moment probably the only play a minor role for the Japanese. Because in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, business is booming. In Holland, about the year of sale have been sold over 10,000 vehicles in the first half alone. However, not least because the SUV thanks to eco - tax and discounts, at best, just as much as there costs us a well-equipped VW Golf.

Specifications - Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV :   Five-door, five-seat SUV of the middle class, length: 4.66 meters Width: 1.80 meters Height: 1.68 meters Wheelbase: 2.67 meters, trunk: 463 liters

Plug-in hybrid drive, two electric motors with 60 kW/82 hp and 137 ( front ) and 195 Nm ( rear axle ), 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 89kW/121 hp and 190 Nm, all-wheel drive, 0-100 km / h: 11.0 s Vmax: 170 km / h, fuel consumption: 1.9 liters CO2 emissions: 44 g / km, 53 km electric range, price: from 41.990 euro.

All those who have to deal with especially short and medium haul routes and on the other, hardworking fueling SUV drivers at the gas station mild pleased to smile, should be available from the 17th May hold out for dealers of cars with three diamonds.