Driving Report - Jaguar F -Type Roadster The enormous rocks

The enormous rocks

Anticipation and frustration - change both feelings away, is approached in these partly still unsettled days the Jaguar F-Type roadster. To like you would be the wind blowing in your face, but it's raining in between. At times like you would the accelerator pedal right down, but the winter tires brakes a one. Not that you necessarily have to go to the limit in order to have joy in F-Type - but we found the gap until the " Vau max 300 " as braked foam, although we never had on the highway just near the speed come can. So much for frustration.

Anticipation of the F-type sets in as soon as he comes into view. The successful blend of the best of the British sports car design with unmistakable Italian elements has highly erotic. Not many of today's sports cars attract the attention of both sexes in such a way to be. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum has created with the F-Type an icon that is the predecessor E-Type to the credit of: classic proportions with a long hood, wide rear seated driver's compartment, a timelessly elegant shape with smooth surfaces - the door handles emerge only when the driver tells the remote control - and sensual curves and an open, strong face and a beefy back with broad shoulders for the 20-inch slippers.

So we know that also the E-Type, albeit without remote control. 40 years ago, the last E-Type rolled off the line and now sparks the viewer still enthusiasm. Since it was only logical, but also courageous, that Jaguar F-Type for quoting his predecessor and so exposes him to the comparison. The management may at Callum and his team to thank, because the F-Type has the makings of an icon.

Also inside is the new faithful to the character of his model: for all engine, chassis and the two people in the small seating compartment, but virtually nothing for superfluous as luggage. Significantly, the Jaguar, the boot volume to the deciliter exactly: 196.2 liters is the sum if one succeeds in acquiring special baggage or you like to travel with plastic bags. Also the front is hardly any more space than for driver's license, ID card and in advertising instead of the baggage credit card. Door pockets, glove compartment, two cup holders and a compartment in the massive center tunnel have to suffice.

© Car Medienportal.NetJaguar F-Type roadster.   This is a completely no matter when you let yourself slide on the sports seats with integrated head restraints. Show wins the game engine. Coats and briefcase are overrated anyway. In addition, the fit so very well in the trunk. Now falls the view once at the small, thick multi-function steering wheel with gearshift paddles the orange of the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission ( Speed ​​Shift ) and the two large round instruments with a small display in between.

All other elements for setting the functions and display of the infotainment system are concentrated in the center. Easily accessible, but the music plays in the view of the driver. Here he has everything in sight, because in contrast to the athletes of the 60s and 70s of the dashboard is not a clock shop. This gave the designers the opportunity for a whole flat dashboard, which visually softens the impression of narrowness. However, not only the scale of the chronograph dials are an indication of a conscious renunciation of modernity in the driver's environment. The Jaguar does not tempt with " Allways on" offerings or hip navigation widescreen. Click here to go about driving and just about driving.

So let's go. After a short press on the start button of the eight-cylinder roars like a sleeping lion, the elephant rises to his paws. This limits the useful life of the Jaguar in populated areas a little one, if you do not have underground parking and its neighbors do not want to annoy. After a short time the eight-cylinder engine capacity of five liters babbles softly the song of anticipation.

364 kW / 495 hp and a maximum torque of 635 Newton meters from just 2500 rpm seemingly wait patiently waiting to be let loose on the rear wheels. The E-Type even has a button for the Eco - driving program. But the regulator for the sport mode is so many F-Type tamer entice more than the prospect of lower consumption. The is sectioned according to EU standard will be 11.1 liters per 100 km. For us, the compressor blew with mixed operating around 13 liters and a lot of thick air through the cylinder.

© Car Medienportal.NetJaguar F-Type roadster.   If the F-Type called, it creates a soundscape, as we know of tracks: The engine roars, when switching is popping unburned fuel from the four tailpipes of the sport exhaust. The one can also demand a this cheeky behavior when nothing goes all while driving. A keystroke brings the noise even before the game. There should be F-type drivers who do not like to do without even in towns on this flashy status symbol.

This very special pleasure can of course be best experienced if you have no roof over their head. The multi-layered fabric hood is electric in 20 seconds in his compartment behind the passenger compartment. Up to 50 km / h, the Jaguar may thereby be fast. Open a fall on just how cramped the view previously, was small side windows and a modest rear view. Without roof but the Roadster has exactly the feeling with addictive potential that fits the look and to the engine. Therefore, one regrets at the first sunbeam the driver of the F-Type coupe.

Open shows the F-Type his true character. He is not the super sports car for record runs on the track. The special pleasure is the irrepressible force when the displacement of five liters push the Jaguar out of tight corners. The 4.3 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, the theoretical proof of this statement. But the theory pales next practice. No one has known before the F-Type that Jaguar can roar his driver so forward. The rocks mightily.

With approximately 85 000 Euro base price of the Jaguar F-Type ( from 60 000 Euro ) and the Carrera S Cabriolet is between the Porsche Boxter S ( from 117 000 euro). Some people think that the Jaguar is therefore recommend as an alternative to 911. Such views from Germany underline the success of the British, for the F-type is more of a driving force for the development of the brand. Success in the market to take them gladly, because if enough Jaguar F-Type to be built to meet demand.

Specifications - Jaguar F-Type V8 S

Length x Width x Height ( m): 4.47 x 1.92 x 1.32   Engine: R8 petrol, 5000 cc, air compressor   Power: 364 kW / 495 hp at 6500 rev / min   Max Torque: 625 Nm between 2500-5500 U / min   Maximum speed: 300 km / h   Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 4.3 sec   Consumption ( according to EU standard ): 11.1 liters   CO2 emissions: 259 g / km ( Euro 5)   Efficiency: G   Empty weight: 1665 kg   Trunk size: 196.2 liters   Strike price: 84 900 EUR

Jaguar is a big hit once again succeeded. The F-Type already makes while you watch a lot of fun, but even more so when you move it with his infernal roar of the local roads.