Differently in Argentina

Buenos Aires ( Argentina ), June 19, 2015

Each Jeck is different: After this K├Âlsch set the big auto companies align their program. While in Europe and diesel station wagons are in demand, you like in the US and China large SUVs, in South America, however, pick-ups. Therefore, Renault is now in Argentina the Duster Oroch and treat as a particularly sporting Sandero.

Lovers of the loading area

Venue for both premieres is the Buenos Aires International Motor Show ( 19 to 28 June 2015). In this country, you will think of the name of Duster and Sandero naturally immediately Dacia. That's right, but in Latin America ( and various other markets ) are marketed, the Dacia models under the Renault - label. Speaking of Latin America: There, pick-ups great popularity. VW manufactures in Argentina the Amarok and in Brazil the small Saveiro, Fiat also produced in Brazil to Strada.

Simple but Oroch

Since Renault will of course not inferior and now shows the Duster Oroch. He will score in the growing segment of light pick-ups and is designed to load up to a ton. The Oroch has 16-inch wheels and is available with 1.6 and two liters of displacement with two four-cylinder petrol engines. This is technically undemanding units that are ready for the spread in Latin America operating with alcohol in the case of the 1.6-liter engine. Launch is the second half of 2015. The Duster Oroch Comes as Dacia also to us? Unfortunately, no. According to Renault, the model was designed exclusively for South America.

Cheap Sportskanone

The second Argentine premiere Renault marketed only in Latin America: . The Sandero RS What sounds at first glance like an April Fool's joke, is to be there from the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016. Reality: A sport version of Sandero. The first model of " Renault Sport " for customers outside Europe has a two-liter gasoline engine with 145 hp ( Renault Sport speaks elsewhere of 150 bhp, so 152 hp ). In addition, around a six-speed transmission, a tightly tuned suspension, disc brakes, a more direct steering and a sporty deliberate ESP. The performance figures: 8,5 seconds to 100 km / h and 30 seconds for the kilometer with standing start and a top speed of 200 km / h. External identification are a modified front apron with LED daytime running lights, a double tailpipes and white taillights. The Sandero is built R. S. in Brasil. Time among us, Renault: We want to also ! ( rh )