Clean car without walking out

Osnabrück, 8 July 2016

Do you know that? Eternal queues at petrol stations checkout, even though you just need a code, a card or a chip for car washing? Annoying or? Now prevented a new smartphone app that you have to wait for hours on the coffee of the front man, briefly go through the car wash only to time to.

"zahlz" for relaxed wash

The idea of the snazzy Sebastian Herkenhoff and Frederick Beckmann behind from the petrol station chain of Q1. Go in the pilot project in Osnabrück now at the local car wash, can you easily select the desired wash cycle by Smartphone app "zahlz" and pay immediately, without having to leave the car, neither before nor during the washing. Inventor Herkenhoff mostly simply uses the time gained "a few minutes to close your eyes and relax".

Suitable for shopping

The app, which was awarded before the implementation phase with the "innovative concept award 2015", can do even more than to distinguish only between spinning and overdrive. You can select items from the tank job shop, for example, during the washing and pay. This you can then simply pick up or even to the clean car.

Soon wider set

A more useful point of the "zahlz" app is the clear billing model. So all documents can be home when needed or printed out directly from the Smartphone in the Office and attached for the IRS. The application also to other gas stations chains should be available in the future. And would it not super, if you ever could buy the wash, a cup of coffee and a packet of chewing gum on the car navigation system, while it is still on the way to the gas station? (mf)