Citroën: The EX - Méhari also comes to us

Cologne, December 8, 2015

Shortly before Christmas, already makes us a beautiful gift Citroën: The French manufacturer will replace the Méhari new. The funny Mobil, which was created in 1968 on the basis of the legendary 2CV, is no longer an integral part of the French leisure culture. In Germany, the Méhari mainly from Louis - de - Funès films is known, he was not officially sold. Because of its highly inflammable plastic body he did not get approval. The good news: The new set also come to us, according to Citroën, at the time the import rules are checked. First, he will appear in France but in the 1st half 2016th

Fabric roof offers different possibilities

The new Méhari was developed in collaboration with the French Bolloré Group, which also has an electric car division. The fun car again consists of a plastic body, which like its predecessor provides exactly practical advantages. Thanks to their elasticity they forgive small shocks. And: Inside and outside can be the 3.81-meter long vehicle rinse with a jet of water. The car is designed as a four-seater convertible that protects its passengers with removable fabric roof elements from rain. The construction thereby provides quite versatile possibilities. Depending on your mood, the front part, the rear part of a page or the entire vehicle be covered.

Up to 200 km range

The E - Méhari is powered by a maximum of 68 hp electric motor. This gets its nourishment from lithium - metal - polymer batteries with a capacity of 30 kilowatt hours. They can be fully recharged at a public charging station in eight hours, or at a household outlet in 13 hours. If the Méhari fully in the juice, he comes by the manufacturer built-up areas up to 200 kilometers, at a higher speed on the highway, it should be up to 100 kilometers. As a top creates the new Dromedary ?? which means' Méhari "translated ?? at least 110 km / h.

World premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

The world premiere of the E - Méhari is ( 3 to 13 March 2016) celebrating Citroën at the Geneva Motor Show. At this time, the manufacturer will announce more details on technology, price and market launch . ( hd )