Citroën looks into the future

Paris (France), 29 August 2016

Already one month prior to the official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show (1st to 16th October 2016) Citroën at the global meeting of dealers to the new C3 shows a concept car called Citroën Cxperience concept. What does the 4.85 meters long, two meters wide and only 1.37 meters high hatchback? We have the first answers.

Fastback silhouette and controlled air intakes

In addition to the distinctive fastback silhouette reverses the concept of inverse opening doors and huge 22-inch wheels. The front end can come up with smooth surfaces and a special grille. It includes a chrome-plated double angle, which stretches up to the headlights with the characteristic signature of the light. The apron should provide more efficiency with controlled air inlets. Therefore, open and close on each side of the car built-in movable flaps for optimizing the aerodynamics. At the rear we find striking fenders and a concave rear window, which is us of previous Citroën models remember, 3D-Rückleuchten with glass fibre.

Just a glimpse of the new design?

The surmise that this concept Announces may a new C4, C5, or even C6, but Citroën expressly indicates that it is the Cxperience only a glimpse of the new design of the brand. Still: inside the Cxperience with an almost square steering wheel can (as in the Cactus also), wait to send individual seats, a 19-inch display and other technical highlights. Would an inductive charging system of the Smartphone and a tablet in the rear passenger comfort need control allows you to name a few.

Plug-in hybrid with up to 300 HP - system performance

Differently than in many other studies details about the planned drive Citroën is called but already now: since the Cxperience is a plug-in hybrid, a gasoline engine and an electric motor work together under the chic outer skin. The incinerator is to make between 150 and 200 HP, the electric machine comes to approximately 80 kilowatts. The strength of an eight-speed automatic will be redirected. The vehicles are equipped with a system performance by 300 PS can move about completely electrically up to 60 kilometers and is again fully recharged in 2.5 hours. (ml)