Chevys macho mobile price based on the Mustang

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 14 June 2016

The new Camaro is in the United States for a year on the market, it is announced for Europe perceived forever. What it will cost the muscle car in Germany, was not yet known. Now, Chevrolet has finally put a price list on the website.

As for the Mustang: with four-cylinder

Fans of U.S. cars had plenty of time to digest the bad news: both the Ford Mustang as also the Chevrolet Camaro is there in the future not only with the species-typical V8, but also with a Turbo four-cylinder. The four pot Camaro brings 275 HP 2.0-litre capacity. The torque reaches 400 Newton meters, located at 3,000 rpm. The Mustang is slightly stronger 2.3 EcoBoost with 317 HP and 434 nm.

Basic version not with switching available

Unlike the arch rivals from Ford there is the Chevy not circuit, but only with the automatic. The has but eight gears instead of six as in the Mustang. Thus, the Camaro Sprint Coupé in 5.9 seconds to 100, a tenth of a second slower than the Mustang (with manual or automatic). The base price of the Chevy is considerably higher: there's the Mustang from 38,000 euros, for the Camaro you must put 39.900 EUR, however due to the standard automatic.

Camaro V8 AT: in 4.4 seconds on 100

The standard consumption of the Coupe is specified when the 8.0 liter turbo, the corresponding Mustang should take just as much. Of course, the V8 versions are much thirsty: the Chevy to the Mustang consume 12.8 liters, even 13.5 litres. For many, yet only the V8 engine in question will come. The Camaro is to a 6.2 liter direct injection with 453 HP and 617 nm. Thus, the standard Sprint succeeds in 4.6 seconds. This value applies to the version of the switch because when the V8, you have the choice. Automatic customer Sprint in 4.4 seconds.

6.2 versus capacity 5.0 litres

Performance Chevrolet here has the nose forward, because the Mustang V8 has just 5.0 litres capacity and bring forth only 421 HP. Accordingly the Mustang V8 at the cavalier start runs behind, he needs 4.8 seconds to pace of 100 is reached. However, the Camaro is also more expensive: while Ford for the V8 switching model requires 43,000 euros, there are Chevrolet 45.900 euro. For completeness of the prices of the Camaro convertible: Turbo four-cylinder it costs 44.900 euro, for the V8 version 50.900 EUR is due.

Extensive facilities

The standard equipment of the Camaro is quite extensive: dual-zone automatic climate control, Bose sound system, 8.0-inch touchscreen, head-up display, driving mode choice, rear view camera, cruise control, keyless access and start system, Park beeper back, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, leather seats, Xenon light, 20-inch alloy wheels and Brembo brakes are on board. For 2,600 euros, there is a set of technologies with blind spot assist, cross traffic warning rear, heated steering wheel and a lot more. (sl)