Caught: the production version of the model 3

California, April 10, 2017

Recently, we were slightly annoyed by the few information and pictures, which previously gave it the Tesla model 3. So we have sent out a professional photographer to take the car in all its splendor. He got the series model.

Unmodified trunk opening

The model 3 is delivered with up to ten cameras for the autopilot. There are rumors according to which the trunk opening should be changed, to load larger objects. After our images seems to be but not the case. The two photographed copies of the model 3 come very close to the prototype shown originally. Not done there a few slight changes here and there, and maybe some modifications to the front, but much has more a couple of cameras themselves.

Approximately 400 km range

The delivered copies should first all have rear-wheel drive. First all cycling could land perhaps barely end of 2017 at the customer. Tesla Chief Elon Musk has made recently a few comments to the range. Afterwards, the battery should be 75 kilowatt hours. That supposedly ensures more range than the Chevrolet bolt and the identical Opel Ampera-e, which lie at approximately 380 km.

Market launch in September?

The Tesla is to go in the July 2017 in production, the first deliveries are already carried out in September. The exact prices will be published probably in early June. According to the model of 3 Tesla wants to focus on the model Y, an electrically powered crossover model on the same platform. It currently is the model 3 in the Center. Pretty sure, Tesla's success depends on whether the middle class model in a timely manner and at a price of approximately 33,000 euros on the market comes as promised by Elon Musk.




Eric Loveday/InsideEV(sl)