Call CTR: The highlight of Geneva

Geneva, 10 March 2017

While big brands such as Lamborghini, Porsche and McLaren celebrate the debuts of her new sports car Auto Salon 2017 (March 9-19) at the Geneva, the secret star but the latest model of a small manufacturer from the Bavarian Pfaffenhofen. With the new CTR, Alois Ruf in Geneva's team presented a very special vehicle in every respect.

Complete new development

The RUF CTR although on first glance looks like a Porsche 911 Turbo of first generation with contemporary 80 years tuning, however is a completely new development from the House call. Clearly, the Visual resemblance to the legendary "Yellow Bird", which will be 2017 already 30 years old, is more than just desirable. But The RUF CTR is different, very different. A carbon body sits on a self-constructed carbon fibre chassis with integral roll cage, a pushrod suspension with double wishbones ensures good soil contact and forged 19-inch alloy wheels fill the wide wheel arches. A classic car? Under no circumstances.

710 HP six cylinder

In the rear of the CTR, a water-cooled six-cylinder Boxer engine sits as befits a "Porsche". Thanks to two-stage turbocharging, call holt 710 HP and 880 nm from the engine. That's enough for a 0-100 value by just 3.5 seconds hand switched! The maximum speed is even more impressive: over 360 km/h should be possible with the CTR. The boxer's flat and compact unit is in addition also very easy and contributes to the extremely low tare weight of only 1,200 kilograms. A dry sump lubrication system ensures a sufficient oil supply in fast corners.

Alcantara shrine in the cockpit

The exterior of the CTR have very loud screams after the 1980s, it is surpassed in the Interior. The cockpit is a shrine of Alcantara and carbon. Two bucket seats keep the passengers at Bay, a small sports steering wheel and a short shift knob complete all necessary control command Eingabemittel with the three cross-drilled aluminum pedals. Behind the valance looks the driver on analog instruments, looking in vain for modern displays.

Limited small series

Those who now fear the CTR could remain a one-off, which is wrong. From the year 2018 the company not included planning a small series of 30 copies the exhibit from Geneva. The CTR will cost 900,000 euros, however, all 30 vehicles are taken already. It's a pity really. (mf)