Porsche RUF CTR is the ultimate driving machine in the guise of a sports car and was taken in the first generation more than 30 years ago by the forging of new sports cars on the road. The handmade, lightweight Porsche RUF CTR made ​​for this time impressive 469 hp, which were obtained from a twin-turbo six-cylinder with 3.4 liter displacement and was affectionately called " Yellow Bird ". 10 years later, in 1987, the 2nd edition of the sports car was introduced as the RUF CTR 2 to the public. First comes a carbon fiber brake system in a sports car with road permission to use, given the 520 hp from a 3.6 - liter displacement but also it proves necessary. Since April 2007, the 3rd generation is sold as a Porsche RUF CTR 3 well-heeled consumers as a new car. Compared to the 911 sets of RUF CTR 3 reach to mid engine design an optimized weight distribution in the sports car. To drive the RUF CTR 3 is a 6-cylinder boxer engine with 3.8 - liter displacement. The engine determines a double turbo 700 hp and 890 Nm of torque ! Impressive performance including : highway speed reaches the RUF CTR 3 within 3.2 seconds, top speed of the sports car is located at 375 km / h