Borgward shows Isabella Concept

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

In the year 1961, 56 years, was closing for Borgward. However, with a large Dose of fighting spirit and the support from China, the return achieved in 2015. For the time being, the Stuttgart-based automaker just took the Chinese market in its sights, mounted at the end of last year, the SUV BX7. At the beginning of 2017, the followed Compact SUV BX5. The return was apparently successful. Borgward speaks of 70,000 orders, and an annual turnover of 1.5 billion Euro. With so much wind out of the realm of the mid-back is now apparently willing, faster than expected on the European market return. Might help also the re-interpretation of a Borgward legend. At least one shows up on the Frankfurt motor show as a modern Version of the coupe Isabella might look like.

Note to future Borgward Design

"The Isabella Concept is our modern Interpretation of the legendary and beautiful ISABELLA," says Anders Warming, chief Executive Design of the Borgward Group AG. Apparently, the four-door, four-seater Coupé study also gives concrete indications of how the Borgward Design will develop in the future. According to the manufacturer, the IAA-concept "in the future, generally applicable Borgward-Design-guideline `Impression of Flow`".

A lot of Pomp, a little Retro

Does the five-Meter-Long Isabelle's Concept "without any aggressive undertone", which prohibits the Conviction of Warming in the case of a purely electric-powered coupe. There are spectacular counter-sliding doors, a very glassy, far to the rear pulled to the Greenhouse and the waiver of a classic radiator grill, a purely electrically powered vehicle doesn't need anyway. A bit of a throwback to the ' 50s Original, and we recognize after all, the Fastback rear, and the curved rear fenders. The interior, with its peculiar-shaped Mega-touch screen, digital Display, and the large-scale light show looks very futuristic and minimalistic.

BX7 is coming in 2017 to Germany

Details of the drive or a possible series production of the Isabella Concept Borgward is not so far. The car maker communicates for the first time, a concrete roadmap for its Relaunch in Germany. The first copies of the BX7 TS Limited Edition will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2017. It is the compact SUV BX5, as well as the SUV-coupe BX6 follow. And against the expectations initially only with petrol engine. It is permanent but the goal, as Borgward-chief Ulrich Walker, to sell at the Start of the production in the new factory in Bremen (from 2019) primary electric vehicles.

New paths in their sales and Service

In terms of sales and Service, would like to Borgward take also like making new paths. A Service co-operation with the workshop chain A. T. U is currently being tested Online trading in Germany does, however, Sixt is a new car.(sw)