BMW M8 GTE: Super Eights

Munich, 20. July 2017

Eight in 18: The coming year will be series at BMW in the characters of the new 8-seater. Before the civilian models of the M8 and its racing version, the M8 GTE, from the stack. At the lausitzring, the GTE was now in the next Phase of development.

Positive criticism from the drivers

The pilots, Martin Tomczyk and Maxime Martin took turns at the controls of the M8 GTE, watched by BMW Motorsport chief Jens Marquardt. He says: "The first impression of the M8 GTE power on the track, is very positive." Similarly, Martin Tomczyk commented: "the M8, The GTE is the Stand out good to and for us pilots in his driving behavior is easily predictable." Visually, the car is camouflaged, a good visible of huge rear are a spoiler and large air vents in the bonnet. Including a V8 with 600 to 650 HP is likely to be the supercharged engine of the next M5. For comparison: The previous M6 GT3 brings it to 585 HP. Other than this it is the M8 GTE more lightweight, and further, the development of the civil and racing version be performed in parallel.

From 2018, against strong competition

What is the abbreviation of "GTE" in a racing Eight? It means "GT Endurance", so long-distance racing. Formerly known as GT2 renamed, this is now GT3-cars below the factory prototypes from Porsche and Toyota, the victory in its class. Examples of the Audi R8, the Mercedes-AMG GT, but also with an eye on Le Mans, the Ford GT and the Ferrari 488. Prior to the legendary race in France, the BMW M8 GTE at the end of January 2018, will have its first official appearance at the 24 hours of Daytona.(rh)