Bavaria's police power

Munich, October 2, 2015

Bavaria police under current ?? at least their new emergency vehicles. Immediately three BMW i3 patrolling are traveling. In addition to the specificity of their electric drive they are also the first police cars in Bavaria, which are silver - blue instead of silver - green foiled. From 2016 then all new companion of the police officers are stuck in the Free State in these colors. While the indigenous population has to get used to it, the change from blue after it has been completed green in all other provinces have long been.

Blue lights and signal Yelp

When police cars are in Bavaria next to some VW Touran and T5 especially Mobile from their own State in the application ?? So Audi A4 and A6, BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and X3. Now the i3 - Stromer are added. You are supposed to do, especially in the city service. The substance may have as missions that make zero-emission or noise-free driving necessary. But a police car should be noticed in the first place. Therefore, the electric BMW, as it should be, a blue light system on the roof. In addition, it can generate the pervasive " Yelp " signal, which the familiar " Tatütata " detaches. In addition, horn speakers, front and rear flasher and an attachment for digital radio.

Connected Connected Per Rescue with headquarters

Just as every i3 also use the car has a SIM card installed that initially linked the ConnectedDrive with the outside world. In Police Stromer is the system "Connected Rescue " and allows the control center, important information to send on the display of the car ?? including address, due to the use and local contacts. Depending on the software used in the Central and accurate spatial data of the installation site can be sent. Up to 100 cars can be selected from the operations center and to feed individually or simultaneously with facts.

Electric scooter with the police in Sardinia

Battery powered emergency vehicles are at the police station the way worldwide in coming: On the car-free island Hiddensee German Baltic in police officers is a Nissan Leaf available. And both in Cagliari, the capital of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, as well as in Barcelona, ​​Spain patrolling the officials to " C evolution "-Scootern by BMW through the streets . ( hd )