Audi: The face of the future

Ingolstadt / Los Angeles ( USA ), 19 November 2014

That the study " Prologue " as a coupe called A9 goes into series production, Audi has not yet confirmed. Still gives the concept car, which is at the LA Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014) revealed a specific outlook on the future design of Audi. The large two-door car was penned by Marc Lichte, who moved from VW to Audi in February 2014. In light of Wolfsburg was responsible for the Golf VII.

Shorter and shallower than an A8

The " Prologue " will show the future direction of chief designer in Ingolstadt. An extreme deviation from the known course there is not, the Prologue is recognizable at first sight as an Audi. The familiar single-frame grille looks plastic, went to the width and was placed deeper than the current Audi models. Dimensions: The concept car is 5.10 meters long, 1.95 meters wide and 1.39 meters high, the wheelbase measures 2.94 meters. Thus, the concept car is a little shorter and flatter than a current A8.

As before, a single

The body consists mainly of aluminum and high strength steel. The car rolls on massive 22 inch rims, the wheels are covered with 285er tire. The headlights shine with the matrix - laser technology, the Audi had presented already in the super sports car R8 LMX. In this technique, the pupil of the headlamp is formed by a projection lens with laser light source, therefore can be light illuminates the entire street. The new technology allows the flat and eye-like shape of the headlights.

Sensors open the doors

Practical: the handle-less doors open after touching surfaces illuminated sensor electro-mechanically. Already when entering the four-seat coupe receives its passengers with discreet politeness: Intelligent software identifies the guests using their smartphones and makes the seats and the air conditioning according to their preferences. Even with the music and the route planning, the system makes suggestions. A special mechanism under flaps in the center console networked smartphones with the onboard infotainment and invites them to.

Instrument panel as a large display

The best is probably the display and operating concept. The instrument panel is a full-width display area and has three touch screen. Thus, for a display at the left of the steering wheel light and assistance systems adjust. Right from Volant sits the media control. The passenger has a widescreen display in front of him, on which he can look for example videos. Is also feasible that the next man by Navi selects a route and the driver pushes by wiping motion on the display behind the steering wheel. A fourth, flexible touch screen for air conditioning, signature capture, and other vehicle settings can be found in the center console behind the gear lever. It basically consists of a very thin, flexible OLED film ( OLED organic light emitting diodes, organic light emitting diodes ) and is integrated flat at rest in the center console. Only when you start the car, the display depends on.

With depth effect

Also, the display behind the steering wheel takes a look into the future of digital cockpits: Three mirrors create a view with depth and different levels. Therefore, the driver should be able to capture information more easily. And depending on driving style and content change colors ?? in athletic gait, the display changes in the Sport mode and displays relevant information such as speed, temperature, boost pressure.

4.0 TFSI with 605 hp

The study is driven by a four-liter TFSI with 605 hp and 700 Newton meters of torque ?? the Overboost mode to 750 Newton meters are even for 15 seconds. The twin-turbo V8 brings the almost two-tonne two-door in 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The show car takes According to Audi 8.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers from the tank, the CO2 emissions are 199 grams per kilometer. To achieve this value, Audi sets ?? how soon in production cars ?? a new part - board power supply with a 48 volt. The network feeds a belt starter generator that makes the powertrain for mild hybrids and to achieve up to twelve kilowatt recuperation during braking and coasting mode.

Tiptronic and quattro drive

The force is led by eight-speed Tiptronic on the quattro all-wheel drive. The car has an air suspension with variable damping, which also varies the ground clearance in several stages. The front and rear axle are constructed as a little five-link construction. Braking is by discs made ​​of carbon fiber - ceramic, which are taken at the front of six-piston fixed callipers.

Momentum - wheel steering

As a technical highlight of the Prologue of the manufacturer calls a momentum - wheel steering, which is to optimize handling: At slow speeds, the car is agile and manoeuvrable, steering angle of up to five degrees on the rear axle facilitate maneuvering when parking. At high speed the steering should enable a precise and sporty driving on country roads. What will be found in future in Audi models, the new features, is not yet known. And to get back on the A9: Whether the car is built in this form, could also depend on the reactions of the public exhibition. We are in favor. (HD)