An electric SUV from Opel?

Rüsselsheim, 13. November 2017

What is the model for the future of Opel? There was recently in the context of the idea of the "Pace"Plan, the future plan for Opel, a rough Outlook. How might this impact in the Design, Opel is now on his Twitter channel.

Two platforms for all

The future Opel vehicles use technology to the French parent company, PSA. The number of platforms will be reduced from currently nine to two. They are called CMP, respectively, EMP2, and allow electrification. In simple terms, is a CMP (EMP1), and for anything below the compact class, responsible, EMP2 for everything from the compact class upwards. Two examples illustrate the purpose: in 2019, the new Opel Corsa on a CMP Basis, which allows a pure electric version. The Grand country X is closely related to the Peugeot 3008 used and uses EMP2. Here is a Version with a Plug-in Hybrid is possible and already planned to be used.

The Peugeot 5008 is the Opel

But there are still a Peugeot SUV on EMP2 base, the 5008. Him to be, there will be a German spin-off: The Opel plan for the future there is talk of an SUV on EMP2 platform, which will be built from 2019, in Eisenach. Thus, the 4.64 meters is veropelt long 5008 is very safe "" to have an opponent for the Skoda Kodiaq and the VW Tiguan Allspace in the program. Opel has released on his Twitter channel is a sketch that could provide an Outlook on the Design of the SUVs. To detect a steep front end, including a curved bonnet, but without a real grille. Therefore, it is rumored that it is an electric SUV.

Eisenach as the electric site?

Also, from 2019, will be built in Rüsselsheim, Germany, is a vehicle of the D-segment. That would be the Format of the upper-middle class. For this reason, the following scenario is conceivable: Rüsselsheim builds the Opel offshoot of the Peugeot 5008, while in Eisenach, where the Adam and the three-door Corsa to run from the Band, a new electric SUV, and the future electric-Corsa will be produced. Possible Plan B: The big Opel SUV velvet electric version builds Eisenach, Rüsselsheim, Germany, has been manufacturing from 2019, an Insignia on a new platform.(rh)