An antidote to the Mercedes GLS and Volvo XC90

München, 8. September 2017

Audi has the Q7, Mercedes GLS, Land Rover has the Range and Volvo the XC90. Now BMW wants to finally have a large luxury SUV and shows at the IAA (14. - 24. September 2017), the Concept X7 iPerformance. The production model is set to start in 2018.

Filigree light fixtures and a massive kidney

At first glance, the design study will surprise you with their optical opposites: Delicate, horizontal headlights, contrasting with a massive, vertically disposed kidney. Very noticeable (and BMW so far not known), the wide L-shaped elements at the Front, side and rear. A large glass roof ensures plenty of light in the interior. A Y-structure binds it to the body and provides stability.

Arg box-like basic shape

The side of the box to fall-like basic shape, and the large window surfaces. BMW opted for the exact opposite of a sporty coupe SUVs. But also off-road accents avoided BMW. The wheel arches are different than the other X-vehicles, the exact round-cut, black scratch resistant, the absence of bars as well as a special highlighted under-ride protection. Instead, BMW uses a lot of chrome to apparently symbolize luxury. Like the front, there are ledges to the side thickness of the vertical chromium, which expire in one long strut on the sill. This large 23-inch alloy wheels. On the rear lights as the front filigree and massive L-shaped elements combined. The exhaust will be hidden pipes, which should point to the Plug-in Hybrid drive, BMW. Technical Details to the iPerformance System, BMW does not reveal, however.

Light-Dark contrast in the interior

The study features six seats in three rows. Four seats are designed as individual pieces of furniture. Since they are attached to a slender foot at the vehicle floor, behind a lot of legroom. Inside is a Bright dominated-Dark contrast. In some Places there are dark, open-pored ash wood, or aluminum. Similar to the Volvo XC90 also crystal glass is used--the automatic selector lever, but also on the steering Wheel. Further accents "laser light threads" in the roof, as well as a dynamic ambience lighting. The two 12.3-inch displays (Instrument panel and Central touch-screen) are close to each other, but are separated differently than in the new Mercedes S – class of a bridge.

Networked Touch Screens

In order not to get bored long in the back, in the second-row seats, a Rear-Seat Entertainment. On your touch screens, passengers Infotainment or Office content to see and you can share with each other. So you can send a piece of music to the music system of the vehicle to the front, sitting next to an interesting article or send the GPS with an address from an E-Mail.

Own Luxury Division

The new X7 fits BMW model offensive, "Number One > Next", with the help of the group's sales and revenue in the luxury class will increase. In the future BMW will be in this Segment, except for the 7 series and the i8 by the new 8 and X7 represent. The common identity should be combined in a new Logo to reflect the the well-known Logo with the inscription "Bayerische Motoren Werke".(sl)