AMG-Hyper car with formula 1 technology

Stuttgart, 12 January 2016

It's going to happen! AMG builds a Hypercar with current formula 1 technology in limited small series. What hides behind the code name project one and we believe who must take care before the wing Monster together.

What we do know

Granted, the information situation to the future AMG Hyper car is still quite thin. But That the PS forge from Affalterbach has finally confirmed what the Sparrow already whistled from the rooftops, is already interesting enough. There will be a Hypercar, it bears the name of one of the project and it will be thanks to current formula 1 drive technology on over 1,000 HP. In addition, Mercedes-AMG at the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (8-22 January 2017) presented a first tea image, showing the silhouette of the project one in the rear view. It is also a large roof scoop in addition to various intakes and outlets to see.

Formula-one power

The Powertrain of the project one will be a 1.6-liter V6 with Turbo-charging, as well as from three electric motors from the formula 1 engine of the latest generation. Total to be over 1,000 HP. The power goes to all four wheels, the front axle is purely electric. Thanks to rear wheel steering and active suspension, we expect performance and lap times at the highest level. A carbon monocoque and active aerodynamics are likely to provide one Le Mans prototype racing optics at its very best and a feeling of style. The icing on the cake on the whole? Like the ur-SL and the younger SLS, spectacular gull-wing doors will get the project one.

Difficult legacy and tough competition

Gull-wing doors? Le Mans silhouette? Mercedes? Because it is ringing with us. The tea image reminds us very much of the legendary Mercedes CLK GTR 1997 who celebrated many successes on circuits around the world as LM-version. And the McLaren F1 GTR from the same era reminds visually on the future hyper silver arrow. But what vehicles will have to compete really with the project one? Well, we already think of a few: the McLaren P1 and its Trackday version of GTR for example. Or the Ferrari LaFerrari and the track variant FXX K. Not to mention by the North loop King Porsche 918. Also from Scandinavia, strong competition in the form of the Koenigsegg one: 1 and his even more powerful brother comes re Gera. And in Croatia, still electric Supersport Rimac concept one waits the mega-Benz. All listed vehicles making around 1,000 HP and are filled with current hybrid and electric technology. The Porsche 918 circumnavigated the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just under seven minutes. The project one we expect significantly faster time.

Siebenstellig and limited

All sounds too good to be true? It's a little bit. Don't we look forward units and the estimated price of around two million euros over the limitation on 200 to 300. But: Despite the extreme price is already well filled the pre-sale list at AMG. It's good for those who can afford it. We are curious what revealed in the autumn of 2017 Mercedes at the IAA auto show in Frankfurt in terms of project one. It can be really good. (mf)