Ahead of his time: Citroën Cactus

In this section we look not for, but backward, through the eyes of imaginary designers who long ago was a foresight. Today in the latest edition: the Citroën C4 Cactus from 1962.

In the cinemas running the very first James Bond film Dr. No, Kennedy and Khrushchev playing a dangerous game of Risk around a Caribbean island, Marilyn Monroe lays her lovely head at last, time to rest, and out of the jukebox cry Cliff Richard, Fats Domino and Ria Valk; of The Beatles still has almost no one heard. It is 1962 and news of the world pick up with a reverse rake from the air.

With Citroën is the offering that day quite clearly. The boss runs DS, the ordinary staff 2CV and the employees at the right time to the jokes of the boss laugh, can pamper themselves with an Ami.

To be honest, the Cactus was initially intended as a more extravagant alternative to the regular C4, while the Ami with the best will in the world, not just could call. Nevertheless, Ruben Uncles tried to visualize how a Citroën Cactus there would have looked in the year that Mijnheer Kaktus yet a boy of twelve.

This drawing was the last in the series of artist's impressions of Ruben Ooms. Even more enjoyment of his fantasies, of course, can always: click here for the entire series.

This illustration appeared in AutoWeek Classics number 5/2017.

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