ADAC summer tyre test 2017

Munich, February 21, 2017

Still, the summer a little on himself can wait. But the warm season will come and then a tire change is once again. Down with the winter - and up with the Sommerpneus. For this reason, the ADAC has tested now current summer tyres. 31 models from the tyre size 195/65 R15 (for middle cars) and 215/65 R16 (for SUVs) came under the microscope.

A quarter of 'good', a 'poor'

The results? Almost a quarter of the tested ties reach the verdict "good". The consistently good performance when braking on wet surfaces is mainly responsible for this according to the ADAC. Only a tire has dropped in this category, the Yokohama Geolandar SUV. Therefore he is rated 'poor' as single tyre from the entire test field with the note.

The leader and the good midfield

Let's get to the more pleasant news: leader in the SUV tire is the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV, which gets consistently high marks in the categories of wear, fuel consumption and behavior on dry and wet roads, close behind the Cooper Zeon 4XS sports ranks. In the most frequently sold tire size for medium-sized cars, all well-known brands with a cut off "good": in addition to the premium brands Pirelli, Bridgestone, continental, and Goodyear also the inexpensive model of ESA-Tecar.

Conditionally recommended tires

The Michelin latitude tour HP is found at the lower end of the SUV test field: only admits his weakness, particularly in the lateral guides on wet, 'sufficient' to. The rear light in the mid-size car segment is the GT Champiro FE1 radial with the judgment 'sufficient'. See more results and the exact results of the two cartoons.

M + S-name creates confusion

Also makes the ADAC in the current test results point out that at the M + S-mark on many summer tires for SUVs caution is necessary. The label may appear while the winter suitability, actually the rubber compound lose their elasticity at low temperatures and therefore ability to drive in mud and snow. Also, the case here but deceives the more robust lamellar optics more grip is the opposite. (ml)