ADAC-child seat test 2018

Munich, 22. May 2018

Children are for parents the most Important thing in life. Clearly, that mom and dad only want the Best for their offspring, also with a view to the safety. In terms of children's seats of the automobile club, the ADAC, has now, together with the Stiftung Warentest examined in total seats 23 baby bowls, and kids. The results are sobering.

Destruction in the event of a Frontal Crash

The "Concord Ultimax i-Size" is one of the three losers in the current child seat test by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest. In the case of a frontal crash, in the context of the test, the seat pan broke in several parts and would have provided, therefore, the child does not provide sufficient protection. As a result of the testing, the manufacturer Concord has not been announced, in the meantime, to produce the seat.

17 children's seats are "good"

The tested baby seats and child seats in all of the sizes have been tested for their safety, handling, ergonomics and harmful substances, one of which was the first seat with integrated Airbags. 17 models was rated by the testers with "good", two as "satisfactory", a section with "sufficient". The "good" graded seats, the statutory provisions partly exceed.

Problem in Detail

With "poor" cut off, two more test subjects: Both in the "Jané Gravity, as well as in Avionaut Ultralite + IQ base" were found to have increased levels of pollutants. The reference from the "Jané Gravity" contains naphthalene – a substance that is suspected to cause cancer. The upholstery fabric of the "Avionaut Ultralite" contains the flame retardant TCPP in too high a concentration. The assessment is in terms of pollutant content is deficient, this has an immediately in other comprehensive income and the affected seats automatically end up on the end table.

Premiere: Airbag in the child seat

For the first time a child was tested with the "Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Air" seat with integrated Airbags, and found it to be good. In the case of Frontal and side impact in the straps and the built-in Airbag that provides the child's head in addition to protection opens. The ADAC recommends to parents to inform yourself before purchasing a child seat on the offer. It is also important, with a child and car to the trade row of the grid, the eligible models on the spot to try out.(rh)