Abstruse World Record at Goodwood

Goodwood, June 30, 2015

The Brillenputztuch you can save yourself even when all looks rather strange indeed. Well, actually is " all that " to beat in absurdity barely. After all, driving a 218-hp, immensely bespoilertes compact crossover SUV a hillclimb. On two wheels. And it still also provides a new world record. If we have to admit also that " The fastest mile on two wheels " in the world record beam power ranking does not necessarily end up in the first third.

Improved world record clearly

Great fun was the action but all. And a true masterpiece of the stunt driver Terry Grant, she was on top of everything. The Balance - tested Briton presents with the oblique ride on the world famous Goodwood Hillclimb a his own world record of four years ago. At the time he needed in a normal Nissan Juke 2:55 minutes. At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​, he managed the 1.86 kilometers long track in a Nissan Juke Nismo RS as much as 45 seconds faster.

Juke - R " something " faster

Bearing in mind that every year on the narrow, wooded mountain of the Lord March ( organizers of the Goodwood Festival ) depart several cars that race in the conventional way ?? So on four wheels ?? graduate, Grant earned schaukelige record run ( which you can see below this article also in moving image ) is even more admiration. Nissan Juke - R completely rational liberated 2.0 with the 600 - hp engine from the super sports car GT-R Nismo managed the same route by the way in about 57 seconds. ( sw )