A worthy successor to Meriva?

Frankfurt am Main, 21 February 2017

It is so far: the first city SUV of brand OPEL is nearing the launch. The cross country X succeeded the popular Meriva and will lead to more success the Rüsselsheim manufacturer. We look even closer the car on a first seat sample.

Chic design

Just at first glance is clear: visually the is X cross country in comparison with the Meriva definitely a large step forward. The design is modern, fresh and dynamic. The front is hefty and wears the double light graphics in the headlights with the sharp-winning Opel blitz, and by the Mocha X three typical Opel design features well-known Grill shape. The relationship between Adam and Ampera-e with the "floating roof", which can be configured in different colours shows in side view. Especially the high-mounted tail lights conspicuous at the rear and seamlessly in the C-pillar and the "floating roof" a nice design trick, which makes the tail very futuristic seem go over. The new CUV does not take over the striking Portal doors, however, the Meriva. The 4.21 meters long cross country X is up to 17-inch alloy wheels and can come up with a big ground clearance at least visually.

Plenty of room in the rear

In reverse, the generous ground clearance leads to a pleasant high-mounted trunk with a not quite flat loading edge. The rear seat can be move to 150 millimeters and kill in the ratio 20:40:20, so that the cargo volume between 410 and 1.255 liters is variable. A double cargo floor creates space for below. Comparison: the trunk of 16 centimetres longer Astra has only 370 liters in the minimal configuration baggage.

Nice cockpit

The cockpit of the new cross country X has a chic design and practical arrangement of the main elements. The dashboard is quite sharp and is visually light. In the Middle, it houses an eight-inch Infotainment screen with Smartphone-like surface of the glass. Underneath is an open storage compartment with the possibility to mobile inductive load and two USB ports, as well as a 12-volt power outlet. A head-up display is on board: before the heated steering wheel which projected cross country X important drive data onto a drawable plastic disk. A 180-degree panorama - rear view camera provides a barrier-free look backwards.

AGR seats and panoramic roof

In the first series, Opel in the cross country X installed the EGR seats of "Aktion Gesunder Rücken" known from other models. The Rüsselsheim combine a good seating position with very comfortable seating. The headroom on the front seats is huge, what should be because that the CUV is about ten centimeters higher than an Astra. There is enough space in the rear, very tall passengers suffer but a little under the large panoramic glass roof, which restricts the freedom of the head. Leg - and shoulder room, however, are very good. Only the somewhat cheap looking rear door panels spoil the harmonious overall picture.

What engines are there?

Also first engines of the cross country X are already known. Three petrol engines with 81, 110 and 130 HP are flanked by two self detonators with 99 and 120 HP. A solution with LPG are earmarked. Opel not moved out while still accurate details about prices and equipment details, the Meriva was launched but at 16.435 euros, Peugeot 2008 based on the same platform as the cross country X will start at 15,500 euros. Values, where cross country X interested parties may ever Orient. (mf)