A Mini Harry and Meghan

Munich, 14. May 2018

On this event the whole world is in a fever: On Saturday, the 19. May 2018, the British Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. But what will you give to the happy bride and groom? Mini has the answer in the form of a very special vehicle.

Unique for a good purpose

In the case of the specially for the Royal wedding-designed Mini is a three-door hatchback. He is the 19. May 2018 in favor of one of Harry and Meghan selected Charity organization auctions. This is the "Children's HIV Association" (CHIVA).

The UK and the USA, combines the

Let's look at the unique Mini to be more precise: is Painted in "crystal white", silver paint accents come in blue in a stripe shape. Much of what is chromium plated in a normal Mini, black tinted blue. The rims were a dark blue metallic color. Most noticeable is the hand-decorated roof is most: There are elements of the national flags of Prince Harry (Union Jack) and Meghan Markle (Stars and Stripes).

Romance on the car

More romantic it will be in the Detail. The "Side Scuttles" in the area of the page turn signal to show the initials M and H with a heart, respectively, struggle. When you Open the doors with a "Just Married"light graphics shines. If you, ladies, want to surprise her non-Royal husband: For some time, Mini manufactures custom Side Scuttles, trim strips and light projections.

With warm congratulations

At last, it is further in the interior with a mixture of grey and blue-black. On the large decorative bar in front of the passenger seat the first names of the bride and groom, the wedding date and congratulations are to be found at the bride and groom. A further feature of the interior is an accent that picks up on the roof graphics. This graphic element can be found on the decorative strips in the doors, behind the steering Wheel and embroidered on the headrests.(rh)