A car for Perry Rhodan

Shanghai (China ), April 22, 2015

Pateo, claims to be the largest telematics and car connectivity provider in China, pointing at the Shanghai Auto Show ( 22 to 29 April 2015), the study Project N. In the futuristically styled, two-seat sports car with gigantic proportions leads by opening the cockpit hood. This consists of what a normal car windshield, side windows and doors. Under the glass dome at the rear there is a welcoming bank for a picnic in the countryside. The technologies of the vehicle belongs to a special user interface. How does an iris scanner access control and the glass roof acts as a touch screen on the display information or entertainment services to retrieve.

Connectivity services from the cloud

Another highlight is the connectivity, built in pateo cloud services: The driver is informed in realtime about the prevailing traffic conditions, besides, he can turn the domestic air conditioning already on the drive home, or participate in the social networks in the events.

Autonomous driving and electric drive

The drive sounds a bit like science fiction to: The study is to be able to drive autonomously and the drive is modern and of course any emissions: The electric motor has no less than 884 hp, the electric range is specified with incredible 800 km. The lithium-ion batteries to be recharged after each charging power in 70 minutes to seven hours. Not bad, right? On this car would be even Perry Rhodan proud. ( sl)