A Camper of the extra class

Dettenheim, 22. August 2017

When using as a base vehicle for a Camper the chassis of a YOU have to serve TGS 33.540 6x6, then it may not be a vehicle for the normal campers, the clogged once in the year, the Alpine passes with his white coachbuilt motorhome. The MD77h MAN TGS 6x6 by Unicat plays in a different League. Where an infrastructure is not really necessary, and where money plays no role ...

The Base Vehicle

The slightly awkward named expedition vehicle has an engine power of 540 HP and 2,500 Newton meters of torque. With fuel the 12.4-Liter inline six-cylinder Diesel from a two-chamber system is supplied with say 1.050 liters capacity, heated Diesel filter and water separator. The range should not be a Problem. In terms of drive, IT is a twelve speed automatic transmission, a transfer case with low range gearing, and switchable front-wheel drive and differential locks in front and rear axles. The floor Assembly is hydraulically adjustable in height. The three-axis six-two-piece aluminum Beadlock rims are fitted with 16.00 R20 tyres.

The Cab

In the cab on two air-sprung and heatable Recaro can leather-comfort seats are taken place. Electric Windows, air conditioning, power steering, Central locking with remote control, and additional sound and heat insulation are also considered to be rudimentary comfort features on Board. For good all-round visibility, four HD cameras, a rearview camera and a thermal imaging camera. The right way with a Garmin navigation device, and a mechanical compass. Entertainment and information? This is an Alpine music system and a retractable 17-inch touch screen with on Board. And if you should be in the cab, tired or hungry, a sunbathing area and a compressor cooler.

The Residential Unit

A sealable bellows-connection it goes from the driver's house in the residential building. This is a self-supporting structure made of GRP sandwich composite panels. He is 7,70 meters long, 2,53 meters wide and 2,36 meters high. The rear is beveled to improve the approach angle. In the residential unit of a Seating group for four people, with electrically lowerable table is located, so that a is 2.00 times 1,40 Meter large bed case. The right bedroom is in the rear with two longitudinal built-in single beds. The bathroom offers Underfloor heating, a shower, a toilet, a washing machine and plenty of cupboards. The kitchen has a built-in sink, electric waste disposal, an oven, an induction hob and a 284-litre fridge with a built-in 27-litre freezer. You prefer to cook in the great outdoors? At the rear there is a retractable outdoor kitchen.

The Supply

All the technical equipment of the MD77h see. The building has its own, independent battery power supply. Are installed also two inverters with a continuous output of six kilowatts on the roof of a 1,920-Watt solar system is located,and if the sun seems time, makes a water cooled three cylinder diesel generator with a 10,7 kW of continuous output power to remedy the situation. While a pressure is applied in the case of river crossings protects from water entry, ensures the supply of drinking water through four freeze-proof Tanks with a total volume of 1,170 litres. The wastewater tank has a capacity of 245 liters, the fecal container, covers 140 litres of warm water can be stored for up to 60 liters. Speaking of heat: The hot water Central heating is operated with Diesel, two air conditioners create a cool interior.

The Price

You want to know, what is the cost? The expedition vehicles, Unicat start at prices of around half a Million euros. Depending on the scope of equipment of the prices but also penetrate into regions of the well above the One Million mark. Where the MD77h? Rather at the upper end of this scale. But individual holiday is not a cheap pleasure.(ml)