7 things that a car a hot hatch make

The hot hatchback is a car that tempers all around four decades deals. But when a label we at AutoWeek have a fast boy now as a hot hatchback? We put the seven things that determine that in a row!

1 A three - or five-door hatchback

Well, inkoppertje of course! A GTI-like, of course, the body style hatchback. Hot hatchback or hot hatch, is a term that is difficult in the mouth can take when it a quick sedannetje, how hot that might be. In English they call it a power saloon, in English we have there, again not a typical name for. Fast sedan, maybe?

2 Thick motor

The recipe is simple: there must be thick engine in a hot hatchback, that no vermogensvariant of the ordinary series nothing comes close. In the past, hung manufacturers often just a block from a larger model in a compact car, as the starting point for the hot version. Nowadays you can often see a pure turboblok in the absolute topversie sit.

3 Adjusted base

Everything stands or falls with the frame. Only more horsepower to create a hatchback or faster but not better. No, there must be a lot of development time being put into what's underneath the model. Already from the first sketches for the regular versions should be determined taking into account the spiced pretvariant. Other suspension and damping, thicker stabilizers, custom brakes, another control, another schakelgevoel, piece for piece, they are very important to such a bomblet very different feel than a home-garden-and-keukenversie.

4 Custom look Wow, that is becoming more and more difficult! Take the Volkswagen Polo GTI and the Ford Fiesta ST in this issue. Set, respectively, in addition to a Polo with R-Line decoration or a Fiesta with ST-Line equipment and the differences are small. Still, the allerheftigste always slightly thicker to see. At Renault Sport, they will understand that like no other. Take the Mégane RS. That is as much bruter in appearance than the Mégane GT, which is already so good-looking. The RS remains clear boss above boss!

5 Decorated interior

The very first that a manufacturer with such a version should do, is the mounting of different seats and a custom steering wheel. That you were going to sit, and immediately a different feeling, a sense of good sportsmanship, of absolute control and grip. Bucket seats that are around you clamps and preferably as low as possible is offer. A thick steering wheel. And then ... other counters, strips, logootjes, a different shift knob, but for that occupants in the vehicle that they want something different to sit.

6 Sound engineering

Used to be sounded sporty versions are already much better. By technical interventions as a double and different carburetors, different exhaust systems and the wilder character of the engine. Today belevingspakketten increasingly artificially created. Special systems sounds on the bulkhead to let hammering, such as the Focus ST with vijfpitter ever got, flaps in the exhaust, the sound on the speakers reinforced for a certain resonance in the interior, we have it all over. And it works...

7 Versatile

And then the biggest challenge: how is a hot hatch still can be used for all kinds of purposes? in the Morning just to use for a trip to Ikea and then in the afternoon, as to the circuit to drive the potential good to use during a trackday. You often see that the sportiest versions of compact and medium cars that very well may be, but after a period of time to follow yet more extreme versions, as if the manufacturers want to show what the real potential is. Examples of these are the limited edition Renault Mégane R26 Radical and the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, both of which without the rear seat had to do. Two very extreme hot hatchbacks of which we sometimes dream, but really versatile, they can be difficult to call.